June 21st, 2013
Dear Night Hawk Minerals,

[This is] what the rocks have done for me:

1. From just WEARING a rock, it raised a horrible stench that hung in my room for two weeks. After when I saw my daughter and told her about that experience she told me I'd always carried a bad odor(...)

August 2012

Shiloh is my my 13 year old Percheron cross.
In the spring of 2011 he presented an ailment that appeared to be the disease Cushing's or Diabetes.  He had grown a coat that was longer than usual and did not shed it out fully in the warm weather.
The coat stayed around(...)

Just wanted to let you know I am sending you a customer for the eye stone kit and his name is Pat Jackson of Spearman, Tx. I also want to tell you what has happened to my wife.

She had Macular Degeneration for three years before we found out about the eye stones. She started using them(...)

We will never be able to prove that our youngest daughter, Emma, had Lyme because we would not have her subjected to standard medical torture- er- uh-treatment for Lyme. She picked deer ticks off of our beagle and a few weeks later she was feeling sick and tired all the time and had a bull's(...)

April 2011

Jay, I feel it is time that I write a testimonial in regards to my experience with the stones.

I have had a severe form of osteoarthritis in my hands only for the last 7 years. The arthritis has manifested itself in very red angry joints, fingers that are becoming crooked and pain(...)

This email is long overdue and it's time to let you know thankful I am for your products. I may have been one of your earliest customers gifted to receive a pair of ear stones. My sister, Susan Bratus, who lives in Boulder, Colorado attended one of your lectures in 2008 where she first heard(...)

April 2011

I wanted to send you an testimony about an expierence that I had and how the gray stone with a level of 22. Just last week I had been feeling dizzy to the point of falling over and not being able to do anything but lay in bed.Now this is very uncommon for me to feel this way I eat(...)

Here are some testimonial for the stone necklace that my wife and I have been using for several weeks now and introduced to friends and my mother.

My wife had hip surgery a year and a half ago. Her opposite hip began bothering her since she favored it and began wearing down the cartlidge. She(...)

Here is an update about what the stones and mudpack have done for me.  I have been using them for about 6 months.

First, I haven't had a bladder infection since I started drinking the water.  And my complexion is much better.

The osteoarthritis in my knees has greatly improved.  Before(...)

Dear Faye and Jay and Nighthawkminerals, I was invited to a "stone and mud pack seminar" on May 15,2010. I was amazed at the information provided.

I purchased my "Kit" that Saturday. I was asked if I had any health issues, I listed a few and oh, by the way I have cervical dysplasia, which I(...)

NOTE: This is very exciting, the first time we worked with this issue, we had no idea that it could heal the hand so quickly and efficiently, Kevin, read the first testimonial and decided to give it a shot, and now we have 2 cases that have had the same result, this is very exciting for all(...)

I have been using Night Hawk minerals for about two years now. As a 25 year old nursing mother, I was having a lot of breast pain during and after nursing. I went to the doctors who did numerous tests with no answers to the cause of the tender area. I started wearing a green stone in my bra(...)

A Dupuytren's Contraction is an inherited DNA deficiency. If left alone, they can cause some or all fingers on a hand to contract into a claw-like deformity. One or both hands can be affected, as can one or more fingers.


Definition, By Mayo Clinic staff

Just wanted to share with you what I said on the phone today. I was considering doing basal joint surgery on my right thumb that has arthritis in it. As you know I purchased the kit and the extra strong gray [20] stone after talking to you on the phone. It was not suppose to show up until Wed.(...)

Hi this is Clista from Mew Mexico and I have a few thank you's to give in your direction.

My problem started nine years ago 5-5-2000, when on my way home from a river trip with my daughter. I started getting a rash on the inside of my wrists, by the time I got home this rash was everywhere(...)


The other day my hubby took a big tumble onto our cement walkway while carrying a heavy load. He was hollering in pain on the ground and I was sure he broke something. He slammed his knee when he fell. It was hard for me to get him to slow down enough to just ice his knee. Later in the(...)

Feb. 25 2010

Found a breast lump back in June, 2009, wore the necklace, placed the mud pack on it during the night with tape. Went to the doctor and he immediately ordered a mammogram. Kept up the ritual and by the time of the mammogram, the lump was smaller. Mammogram came back negative for(...)

I have a testimonial I would like to share. First of all, I have a very strong stomach so if I get sick to my stomach, I am REALLY sick. About a month ago, a local pizza buffet restaurant was donating their proceeds to the people of Haiti for earthquake relief. I thought it was a good cause so(...)

Hi Jay,

I purchased the stone kit last June and am having great results. Would like to purchase two necklaces for my daughters who like me have both hypothyroidism and chronic lyme. After using the stones myself, I no longer need thyroid medication. I am also a  breast cancer survivor with(...)

Hey folks,

I have been using the kit for over a year now and I am happy to say that my dandruff (fungal scalp infection) is now gone. I know this isn't very serious like cancer, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get rid of it. None of the medications or shampoos I tried worked. I(...)

Hi my name is Maurizio,

I will relate something that happened to my girlfriend.  She had been suffering from frequent headaches for the last three years. Sometimes after a whole day with a headache she would go to sleep and wake up the next day with no change whatsoever. After three weeks of(...)

(This post is primarily for readers who are newbies to RH and some of this will be redundant to old hands at it.)

Although we got into this for my wife... and BTW everything that the good folks at Nighthawk have said would happen is happening, including that her left breast has gotten(...)

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

Well, I wanted to share with you what it going on with my thyroid.

I had gone to the doctor back in 2005 and they found four nodules on my thyroid and told me to follow up on it.

Well, I finally did this last year and it did not show nodules. The entire thyroid was(...)

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

I want to give you some feedback on my experience with the use of the regimen of "the stone". First, some background on me. I am currently 55 years old. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis at age 35-- 20 years ago. At that time I was a(...)

I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer on April 3, 2008.  I was incredibly shocked.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I had a good idea it would not be the western protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  After the biopsy, my doctor wanted me to(...)

Just thought I would let you know how things are going for me at this time. If you recall I came to you in June 2008 and here is my story:

I am a 56 year old woman that had been told in April 2007 by my gynecologist during a routine pap smear exam that there was a lump about 5 mm in size in(...)

June 9th, 2008

This is our story…

My son and his fiance moved into a duplex last fall. When the weather started to warm up this spring, they noticed spiders moving into their house. They realized that the spiders were brown recluse spiders and that his home was infested with them. One(...)

January 12, 2008

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

I am a patient of a Holistic Health Clinic and have been struggling with chronic and late stage Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Disautonomia, Low thyroid, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, numerous cancer surgeries and Chronic Fatigue(...)

20  August 2007

Dear Jay,

These are just a few lines to bring you up to date on the breast cancer case I told you about last month.  Remember when I was considering using escharotics but feared that it would be too traumatic? As you know, I'm out here in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch(...)

January 12, 2008

Hi Jay,
Admission date to the Hospital Emergency center: 7/20/2007
Hospital Diagnosis: Pancreatic Mass (about 1 inch in diameter)
Acute Renal Failure
Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Depressive Disorder

Brief Summary of(...)

I am a retired physician and at age 71. I have reluctantly become an observer of aging skin changes. My wife uncovered a previously unseen benign seborrheic keratosis on the skin hidden in my beard. It was black brown in color and gritty and raised up and oval measuring a little over 3/4 inch(...)

Thank you for all your help. You saved me after I reinjured an old hernia. The mudpack and water stone saved me from surgery which is very painful! I love that, the water stone is detoxifying me and the water tastes great!

God Bless Mike

My testimony has been on Night Hawk Minerals website since 2008. You can read it as I posted.

Now it is November 2018 and I wanted to make an updated report that 10 years after being diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer and using Night Hawk Minerals stones I am(...)