Dizzy Spells


April 2011

I wanted to send you an testimony about an expierence that I had and how the gray stone with a level of 22. Just last week I had been feeling dizzy to the point of falling over and not being able to do anything but lay in bed.Now this is very uncommon for me to feel this way I eat an all organic diet and I use your gray stone pendandt . I tried using a couple different herbs to pull myself out of this rut but it wasnt until I remembered that I had the gray stone and started using it that I felt an amazing difference. I slept with the stone all that night and in the morning was able to stand up without falling over.Since then I have kept the stone in my right pocket and have felt AMAZING. I just wanted to let you and all the people at Night Hawk that I would not have been able to have functioned without the 22 gray stone. I live in Laramie,Wyoming and hope to gather enough people to hopefully have Jay come and speak here. Once again thank you and God Bless.