3 things to make a better cup of Coffee

Faye Cox-GutierrezHealth

coffee1-155x300Coffee…mmm…its my morning refresher and my morning yummy treat. I love everything about coffee, I love the smell of the beans, the color of the brew, and the way it helps me feel awake, and lately I love the process of making the coffee. Here are 3 things that will make a better cup of coffee…

1. The Beans.
Start with locally roasted beans, not grounds. Freshness is a big factor in the quality of coffee. If you are using locally roasted beans, odds are they have been roasted recently. As soon as you grind beans they start to lose flavor and freshness, if at all possible, grind the beans right before you make your coffee.

2. The Water.
Coffee is only 2 ingredients, water and coffee beans.  So use the best water available. Now if you want to do it Night Hawk Minerals style, use radiated water. A cup of coffee that heals and wakes you up at the same time? Thats my kind of coffee.

3. The Method.
In my opinion the best brewer coffee is french pressed coffee. Its easy to do, makes great tasting coffee, and a good french press is cheaper than some drip coffee makers. Here is how I do it. First ground the coffee very corse. The more you grind the beans the more flavor is lost. Use hot but not yet boiling water, too hot and you burn the beans and lose more flavor.

Pour the water over the beans in the french press and leave it for 3-5 minutes. I have found that after 5 min, it works good to scoop out the grinds floating on the top and throw them away. If you leave them in sometimes the coffee can start to taste bitter. Last step,push the plunger down and enjoy.

NOTE: Remember you can use the radiated water in all of your beverages to give them a health boost.