Water stone and mud pack worked with my hernia

Thank you for all your help. You saved me after I reinjured an old hernia. The mudpack and water stone saved me from surgery which is very painful! I love that, the water stone is detoxifying me and the water tastes great!

God Bless Mike

Ugly Skin Lesion Vanishes!

I am a retired physician and at age 71. I have reluctantly become an observer of aging skin changes. My wife uncovered a previously unseen benign seborrheic keratosis on the skin hidden in my beard. It was black brown in color and gritty and raised up and oval measuring a little over 3/4 inch in greatest dimension. I chose to use radiation hormesis in the form of ground up fine natural background radiation stone dust that measured 4.4 milliREM/hr on the radiometer. Jay had been using the dust over wrinkle areas and seeing those lines soften and become faint so I thought, why not give it a try?

Here is what I did. Each evening before bed I took a pea-size amount of the dust and rubbed it vigorously onto the lesion. About a month later I noticed that about one-third of the lesion was cracked and wanted to peel off the skin so I did a little debridement with a fingertip. Part of it came off in crusty pieces followed by a little bleeding. I rubbed more dust on it right away, the bleeding stopped quickly and I continued the nightly dust applications.

The lesion broke off the skin episodically in the same fashion and I used the dust as before. By the third month there was no trace of the lesion and that has been gone for two months now. Thank you Jay and Night Hawk Minerals for another amazing way to use radiation hormesis to patiently change an area of aging skin back to health!

Raphael J. d’Angelo, M.D.
ParaWellness Research

Saving the Honey Bee, by Jay Gutierrez

(and mankind)

If you haven’t already heard, there is a Global problem taking place. Our honey bees are dying off at an alarming rate. The work of the honey bee is of vital importance in the pollination process of our fruits and vegetables. In more ways than one, we need to realize that the answer to the problem could eventually lead to the survival of our world. I am going to give you a brief overview of what we do here at Night Hawk Minerals, and how it pertains to the survival of the honey bees.

For many years now we have been successfully working with people who have degenerative diseases, such as cancer, and have witnessed many miracles. During this time, we have been doing this on the THEORY of “Radiation Hormesis”. In other words, we have explained how, in this theory, the radiation goes through your body, slightly damaging your cells and DNA, which in turn stimulates your immune system. This is basically the theory of radiation hormesis, defined by the nuclear physicist, Dr. Charles Sanders, and discussed in his book, “Radiation Hormesis and the Linear No-Threshhold Assumption . Although I do agree with him to a degree, that some of what he has assumed is correct, But after working with natural radioactive ores that we mine in a hands on capacity, we have been able to validate that it is actually the FREQUENCIES that these stones emit which is producing these miracles we have witnessed.

Once we understood that it was frequencies we were working with, everything made sense and we saw even better ways to apply them. I will give an example. We took several different containers of water that were either too acidic or too alkaline. After setting a stone in the water for 24 hours, we observed that the pH level in every container was at the same 7.6. The perfect level! We tried this in many situations and learned many things. Thereare only two ways to change the pH in water. Chemically, or with Frequencies. When you are using frequencies, you are basically doing what is called “restructuring” the water. You see, water molecules have a memory. Once you have imprinted a frequency onto the water molecule, it then spreads to other water molecules. This is restructuring water. We have used these waters to do many things, including using restructured water to introduce the frequencies into a beehive.

The main things we have observed over the years working with these frequencies from the stones, is that it never does the wrong thing, It always makes the right move, and over time, it will always prevail over destructive frequencies. Our Doctor calls it “God’s Breath”. One important thing we noticed also, is that the frequencies use oxygen for fuel.

What has happened in today’s world with pesticides, fertilizers, cell phones, emf’s(electromagnetic frequencies), we have disrupted the bee’s ability to be healthy and efficient. We have seen that once we have applied these stones in sugar water beside the beehive, they thrived. We have done this with different breeds of honey bees and see the same results. Example: We had a hive in Virginia that was in its third year and ready to collapse. Once we put the sugar water and stone in place, these are the results so far.
Right at the beginning, we noticed that the bees were drinking twice as much water and instead of seeing the usual black fungus that normally grows on the bottom of the sugar water jar, it was clear.
After two weeks, the hive swarmed with the largest amount of bees they had ever seen at the time. This started another hive.
One week after this, the hive warmed again. Then four days later, again. Then a month and a half later, it swarmed again with THE largest amount of bees they had ever witnessed.
The original hive normally produces about 50 pounds of honey a year. This hive now has already produced over 200 pounds of honey this year and the honey is extremely healthy. It carries the frequencies also!

I have been on many radio shows lately, excited about spreading the word on this discovery. I had one lady who called and wanted to get a level 1 grey stone from us to help save the bees. I asked her if she was a beekeeper and she said, “No, but you said if I put a stone in sugar water it would help the bees”. Well, she was correct. She wanted to put out the stone water for the bees in her garden. I thought, how incredible! Here is a person who does not even own bees, but can effectively do her part in helping a global problem. I have to praise her for that!

We have lots of information to share with those who are concerned about this problem and are looking for answers. Basically, it is placing a level 1 grey stone in a quart mason jar of sugar water out for the bees. They become healthy again! Please contact us if you have any questions. God Bless.

Jay Gutierrez
Night Hawk Minerals/Founder

3 things to make a better cup of Coffee

coffee1-155x300Coffee…mmm…its my morning refresher and my morning yummy treat. I love everything about coffee, I love the smell of the beans, the color of the brew, and the way it helps me feel awake, and lately I love the process of making the coffee. Here are 3 things that will make a better cup of coffee…

1. The Beans.
Start with locally roasted beans, not grounds. Freshness is a big factor in the quality of coffee. If you are using locally roasted beans, odds are they have been roasted recently. As soon as you grind beans they start to lose flavor and freshness, if at all possible, grind the beans right before you make your coffee.

2. The Water.
Coffee is only 2 ingredients, water and coffee beans.  So use the best water available. Now if you want to do it Night Hawk Minerals style, use radiated water. A cup of coffee that heals and wakes you up at the same time? Thats my kind of coffee.

3. The Method.
In my opinion the best brewer coffee is french pressed coffee. Its easy to do, makes great tasting coffee, and a good french press is cheaper than some drip coffee makers. Here is how I do it. First ground the coffee very corse. The more you grind the beans the more flavor is lost. Use hot but not yet boiling water, too hot and you burn the beans and lose more flavor.

Pour the water over the beans in the french press and leave it for 3-5 minutes. I have found that after 5 min, it works good to scoop out the grinds floating on the top and throw them away. If you leave them in sometimes the coffee can start to taste bitter. Last step,push the plunger down and enjoy.

NOTE: Remember you can use the radiated water in all of your beverages to give them a health boost.

More on Parasite Testing…

We have great news, a dear friend of Night Hawk Minerals and Doctor we have worked with for years has started to do parasite testing. This is really exciting because it will make getting a parasite test done easier and cheaper. Read this letter by Dr. d’Angelo and the ParaWellness Research Program


3 Divine Protocol

The 3-Divine Protocol

For many years now, we at Night Hawk Minerals have been working with natural radiation hormesis using stones that we mine that emit a low dose of radiation. This is called “Radiation Hormesis” and is an old, but extremely effective healing modality. I would encourage those that are dealing with a degenerative disease, such as cancer, to go to our website, www.nighthawkminerals.com , and research “Radiation Hormesis”. We have worked with some of the best nuclear physicist and doctors in the world and could go on for days about the success we have had just using “radiation hormesis”, and more importantly what we have learned, but what we are going to do is go over the 3-Divine Protocol.

The 3-Divine Protocol was put together from years of working with clients and by going with what we see, not what “they” say. Although we have been backed for many years by the works of TD Luckey and others who grasp the abilities of using low dose radiation, what we have been observing is that it is actually the FREQUENCIES that the natural material emits, and not so much the harmful effects of isotopes that “they depict”.

We spend most of the year traveling around the country working with healers and their clients and have been extremely successful at putting a halt on these degenerative diseases and expediting repair of tissue , but there was always a very few that we had a hard time getting over the plateau they could not seem to pass. After some pretty unique experiences, we had seen that over 90% of the problems we were encountering were parasitic based. In our journeys we have found that mainstream medical does not even really look for parasites, and those that do, a majority of them were guessing on the specie of parasite or for that matter, even the correct remedy. This is your life at stake!!! For some time we had made an arrangement with friends of ours in Africa to do the testing for our people and provide the natural remedies. This worked fine for a while, until the cost for their remedies were too expensive for our clients. It was then I called our Medical Director who has followed our work since 2006. He explained that he was getting ready to leave mainstream medical, was a parasitologist, had the equipment and experience to help the cause. I explain to people that I want our medical doctor, looking at your stool sample, and telling me exactly what eggs he is seeing! I also want a remedy that is targeted for that specific parasite or parasites! We have done this.

As we had worked this program for some time, we realized that we needed some way of getting the right nutrition to our people that would put everyone on at least some kind of beneficial foundation. After praying for answers, one day it was delivered. We heard about a man that had been working with the Amish for years and was getting fantastic results using angstrom size minerals. We drove across the country and met with these people. I have also talked with their Amish clients. We were very excited and started working with our clients and the minerals. It has made a world of difference and made the understanding of this protocol complete.

The 3-Divine Protocol stands for Frequencies, Minerals, and Parasite Identification and Elimination. When someone purchases our radiation hormesis stone products, you are immediately set up with one of our Wellness Instructors who will guide you on the use of the stones, monitor your body responses, and help you go through the 3-Divine Protocol in sequence. We do not charge extra for this. We would then direct you to obtain a stool sample kit from our doctor, who will then be processing your samples. During this time frame, we have been putting people on a body of foundation minerals for ten days, followed by a cleanse, using minerals to clean the bile ducts and lymph system. This process is also supported by the people who provide the minerals. We applaud their support with our clients. By this time we have usually received the parasite test results back from our Doctor, and the GREAT thing about this is that the symptoms of the parasite usually always match up with the health issues we are addressing. Once you know what the problem is, you are in control. Once you are in control, the fear goes away! After we have identified what has been damaging the tissue, we then go back to the Doctor for his natural remedies for THAT parasite or parasites.

We possess mountains of information pertaining to each component of the 3-Divne Protocol and can answer questions for those that need help. To briefly explain and give an overview of what we are accomplishing, you have the right minerals, the right life giving frequencies, you have vibration. Life! The only thing that can stop that is some entity that is damaging the tissue. We have been using this protocol now for over six months with many clients and have so much success with it that we feel it is now time to introduce our work to as many people that are in need. This protocol is cost effective, affordable, and has the support provided by three different groups. All working together with our clients and each other. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the real deal!

Jay Gutierrez
Night Hawk Minerals, Founder

A letter from Jay about the Crisis in Japan

Hello Everyone!

We have been contacted by many now concerning the situation with the Japanese nuclear reactor. I am not going to present links or articles on this subject  (there is enough of that out there), but would rather offer you my opinion. We have been working with natural low dose radiation for many years now and with all that we have seen and researched, I can assure you that there is no need to fall into the speculative fears that the media is steering the public. In actuality, for the people that have called us and wanted to partake in some sort of preventative measures, I explained to them that in the past we have become aware that our clients that have been on the stone protocols we provide, have always been able to endure mainstream medical X-ray radiation treatments noticeably much less difficult. In other words, the treatments were much easier to go through. It actually goes back to one of the HORMESIS theories that a little bit of something bad for you is actually good. Like a flu shot. We found that once people are acclimated to natural radiation, X-ray radiation was not near the problem it could have been. Through history we have seen these same type of nuclear accidents, but found out later there was actually good things that occurred in the aftermath. Cancer rates went down, etc. Don’t fall into this fear. Remember, when you have the knowledge, it will wipe away the fear.  God Bless.


Japan’s reactors in crisis, should you be worried?

With the tragedy in Japan, the world is holding their breath. The loss of life and property is terrible, and the world is praying for them.

The world is also watching to see what will happen to the Nuclear Reactors and wondering if the problems will spread to other parts of the world. I am no expert on Nuclear Reactors but I know someone who has a pretty good idea of what is going on.

Our Guest blogger from last week has been updating his website with information about the Reactors in Japan.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Guest Blogger: Nuclear Power Plant Operator

Hello everyone this week we have a very interesting blog.  I had a friend ask me about a friend of hers that had two daughters that both had cancer.  One passed away and the other had an unbelievable invasive surgery at a young age.   The question my friend asked of me was if this family lived near a power plant could it be causing these health issues and cancer. We did a little research and this is who we found to answer.  You might be surprised to hear what the answer is…

From Guest Blogger, Leslie the author of The Hiroshima Syndrome

“The radiation released from nuclear power plants is miniscule, compared to what the typical American receives from mother nature. In fact, no nuclear power plant in America has ever released enough radioactive material to hurt anyone, and that includes the meltdown at Three Mile Island in 1979. With the exception of the TMI accident, American nuclear plants have produced an average of less than one millirem exposure per year to the people living next door to them. This is entirely due to the extreme air and water cleanup systems built into every plant. These systems were required by the government before the phenomena of radiation hormesis was discovered, thus the resulting levels of release are more than 100,000 times less than what could ever harm anyone.

Radiation hormesis demonstrates that the biological effects of low level radiation exposures below about 100 Rem are beneficial, and not in the least hazardous. In fact, the average American could triple their natural background dose (~0.33 Rem per year) without risk, and considerably improve immune system function, as well as nearly a dozen other health improvements. The additional millirem of radiation a person might get from a nuclear power plant each year causes no harm, and probably improves health a very tiny amount. The chances of contracting cancer of any type from an additional exposure of 1 millirem per year is zero.”

Leslie has a Bachelors degree in Nuclear Technology and Environmental Sciences, a Masters degree in Philosophy. He spent his first 21 years as (in order) a nuclear power plant operator, environmental monitoring technician, design engineer, public relations spokesperson, and public education coordinator.

Parasite Testing, A letter from Jay Gutierrez

Hello Everyone!

Here at Night Hawk Minerals, we have been working with people and their health issues for quite some time now.  After traveling like we do to reach people, we see what modalities work and what doesn’t. I can honestly say that I have not seen one modality our there that is as successful as Radiation Hormesis. That being said, we have always been searching for other complimentary protocols that would be beneficial to our people. We have found in the past that there are a few people out there that we were only able to get to a certain level in their health, and could not achieve a full recovery. After time, we were able to identify the most common factor that stalled a full recovery. What we are talking about is PARASITES.

We were blessed some time ago to have an internationally acclaimed parasitologist visit our center from Nigeria. This man is probably the best parasitologist in the world. He runs his own medical university in Lagos. He has been to the Mineral Palace twice now! He presently uses the stones on his patients in Africa with fantastic results. After learning what he had time to teach us about parasitic activity, we realized that as long as you have something that is damaging the flesh, the candida (yeast) cannot be held in control. This is where most of these degenerative diseases are born.