Return Policy

This is a revised policy so any changes will apply to all our customers, new and existing. You may return any unused merchandise in its original condition and original packaging, within 30 days of receipt, less shipping. Any shipping cost you incur to return a product to us will not be refunded. The 30 days start on the day you receive the merchandise.

We will NOT refund after 30 days.

Note: Since we cannot re-sell them, pendants and mudpacks will not be refunded if they have been used or show signs of usage. Also, we will not refund used books or DVDS.

We require the following information to process your return:

Your full name:
Email address (if available)
Reason for return
Order number

Send all information to or please call 1-888-563-8389ext. 4 and we will handle all returns and refunds.

BROKEN OR DAMAGED MERCHANDISE: We will repair merchandise that arrives broken or damaged and replace merchandise that breaks from suggested use. In these cases Night Hawk Minerals will cover shipping, but there is a restocking fee of 25% of the replaced product.

MUDPACKS: We will replace mud packs and body packs for the cost of shipping from the time you receive it for 6 months. After, 6 months, replacements for whole and half mudpacks will be $25 and body packs will be $75, plus shipping and the re-stock fee. The replacement mud pack will only go out after we receive the mud pack you are wishing to have replaced. This replacement policy will only be effective for the first year. After the first year you will need to purchase a NEW mudpack at the retail price, and new mudpack will have the same return policy as the original mud pack. We will guide you in how to use the mud from your old mud pack. The mud has many uses outside of the pack and can be very effective.

CHAINS: The chains that are included with the pendant are not for long term use. We suggest replacing the chain with our new pendant. * That’s if you still have a chained pendant. We are not responsible for lost or damaged pendants due to malfunction of the chain that was provided.


Once an order has been shipped and there is a delivery confirmation, Night Hawk Minerals is not responsible for any theft of product or delivery to the wrong address. You must notify us within 15 days if your order in not received. We reserve the right to make changes to the return policy at anytime and these changes will be posted on our website for review. After you have contacted our return department about your return send your packages to:

ATTN: Returns
Pritchett, CO 81064
Thank you and God Bless