3 Divine Protocol

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The 3-Divine Protocol

For many years now, we at Night Hawk Minerals have been working with natural radiation hormesis using stones that we mine that emit a low dose of radiation. This is called “Radiation Hormesis” and is an old, but extremely effective healing modality. I would encourage those that are dealing with a degenerative disease, such as cancer, to go to our website, www.nighthawkminerals.com , and research “Radiation Hormesis”. We have worked with some of the best nuclear physicist and doctors in the world and could go on for days about the success we have had just using “radiation hormesis”, and more importantly what we have learned, but what we are going to do is go over the 3-Divine Protocol.

The 3-Divine Protocol was put together from years of working with clients and by going with what we see, not what “they” say. Although we have been backed for many years by the works of TD Luckey and others who grasp the abilities of using low dose radiation, what we have been observing is that it is actually the FREQUENCIES that the natural material emits, and not so much the harmful effects of isotopes that “they depict”.

We spend most of the year traveling around the country working with healers and their clients and have been extremely successful at putting a halt on these degenerative diseases and expediting repair of tissue , but there was always a very few that we had a hard time getting over the plateau they could not seem to pass. After some pretty unique experiences, we had seen that over 90% of the problems we were encountering were parasitic based. In our journeys we have found that mainstream medical does not even really look for parasites, and those that do, a majority of them were guessing on the specie of parasite or for that matter, even the correct remedy. This is your life at stake!!! For some time we had made an arrangement with friends of ours in Africa to do the testing for our people and provide the natural remedies. This worked fine for a while, until the cost for their remedies were too expensive for our clients. It was then I called our Medical Director who has followed our work since 2006. He explained that he was getting ready to leave mainstream medical, was a parasitologist, had the equipment and experience to help the cause. I explain to people that I want our medical doctor, looking at your stool sample, and telling me exactly what eggs he is seeing! I also want a remedy that is targeted for that specific parasite or parasites! We have done this.

As we had worked this program for some time, we realized that we needed some way of getting the right nutrition to our people that would put everyone on at least some kind of beneficial foundation. After praying for answers, one day it was delivered. We heard about a man that had been working with the Amish for years and was getting fantastic results using angstrom size minerals. We drove across the country and met with these people. I have also talked with their Amish clients. We were very excited and started working with our clients and the minerals. It has made a world of difference and made the understanding of this protocol complete.

The 3-Divine Protocol stands for Frequencies, Minerals, and Parasite Identification and Elimination. When someone purchases our radiation hormesis stone products, you are immediately set up with one of our Wellness Instructors who will guide you on the use of the stones, monitor your body responses, and help you go through the 3-Divine Protocol in sequence. We do not charge extra for this. We would then direct you to obtain a stool sample kit from our doctor, who will then be processing your samples. During this time frame, we have been putting people on a body of foundation minerals for ten days, followed by a cleanse, using minerals to clean the bile ducts and lymph system. This process is also supported by the people who provide the minerals. We applaud their support with our clients. By this time we have usually received the parasite test results back from our Doctor, and the GREAT thing about this is that the symptoms of the parasite usually always match up with the health issues we are addressing. Once you know what the problem is, you are in control. Once you are in control, the fear goes away! After we have identified what has been damaging the tissue, we then go back to the Doctor for his natural remedies for THAT parasite or parasites.

We possess mountains of information pertaining to each component of the 3-Divne Protocol and can answer questions for those that need help. To briefly explain and give an overview of what we are accomplishing, you have the right minerals, the right life giving frequencies, you have vibration. Life! The only thing that can stop that is some entity that is damaging the tissue. We have been using this protocol now for over six months with many clients and have so much success with it that we feel it is now time to introduce our work to as many people that are in need. This protocol is cost effective, affordable, and has the support provided by three different groups. All working together with our clients and each other. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the real deal!

Jay Gutierrez
Night Hawk Minerals, Founder