A letter from Jay about the Crisis in Japan

Faye Cox-GutierrezJapan

Hello Everyone!

We have been contacted by many now concerning the situation with the Japanese nuclear reactor. I am not going to present links or articles on this subject  (there is enough of that out there), but would rather offer you my opinion. We have been working with natural low dose radiation for many years now and with all that we have seen and researched, I can assure you that there is no need to fall into the speculative fears that the media is steering the public. In actuality, for the people that have called us and wanted to partake in some sort of preventative measures, I explained to them that in the past we have become aware that our clients that have been on the stone protocols we provide, have always been able to endure mainstream medical X-ray radiation treatments noticeably much less difficult. In other words, the treatments were much easier to go through. It actually goes back to one of the HORMESIS theories that a little bit of something bad for you is actually good. Like a flu shot. We found that once people are acclimated to natural radiation, X-ray radiation was not near the problem it could have been. Through history we have seen these same type of nuclear accidents, but found out later there was actually good things that occurred in the aftermath. Cancer rates went down, etc. Don’t fall into this fear. Remember, when you have the knowledge, it will wipe away the fear.  God Bless.