A letter from Jay about the Crisis in Japan

Faye Cox-GutierrezJapan

Hello Everyone! We have been contacted by many now concerning the situation with the Japanese nuclear reactor. I am not going to present links or articles on this subject  (there is enough of that out there), but would rather offer you my opinion. We have been working with natural low dose radiation for many years now and with all that … Read More

Japan’s reactors in crisis, should you be worried?

Faye Cox-GutierrezHealth, Japan

With the tragedy in Japan, the world is holding their breath. The loss of life and property is terrible, and the world is praying for them. The world is also watching to see what will happen to the Nuclear Reactors and wondering if the problems will spread to other parts of the world. I am no expert on Nuclear Reactors … Read More

Guest Blogger: Nuclear Power Plant Operator

Faye Cox-GutierrezHealth, Japan

Hello everyone this week we have a very interesting blog.  I had a friend ask me about a friend of hers that had two daughters that both had cancer.  One passed away and the other had an unbelievable invasive surgery at a young age.   The question my friend asked of me was if this family lived near a power plant … Read More