From all of us here at Night Hawk Minerals

Summers here: water play and proper hydration is key for us and the little ones.

With our Water Unit Patent being finalized we want to share that excitement with you.

This is not magic!

To restructure water you first imprint a frequency on the water molecule, it then spreads to other water molecules.

That is restructuring water. What the units are doing is vortexing the water to clear the memory , and at that point it is surrounded by the minerals that put out the same frequency that we have been using for years to successfully help other overcome disease. It worked!

We have made it our mission to help people first.

Without hesitation we put out these units to help our farmers. If you are interested in restructured waters for your health,animals, or agriculture.

Please contact us and we'll answer your questions.

You may also visit nhmcloudbuster.com for more details on the vortex method.

Check out our website for specials for the month of June.

We have the right minerals, the right life giving frequencies, you can have Life!

For many years now, we at Night Hawk Minerals have been working with natural radiation hormesis using stones that we mine that emit a low dose of radiation. This is called "Radiation Hormesis" and is an old, but extremely effective healing modality. I would encourage those that are dealing with a degenerative disease, such as cancer, to go to our website, www.nighthawkminerals.com , and research "Radiation Hormesis". We have worked with some of the best nuclear physicist and doctors in the world and could go on for days about the success we have had just using "radiation hormesis", and more importantly what we have learned, but what we are going to do is go over the 3-Divine Protocol.

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