Man with Pancreatic Cancer uses Radiation Hormesis


January 12, 2008

Hi Jay,
Admission date to the Hospital Emergency center: 7/20/2007
Hospital Diagnosis: Pancreatic Mass (about 1 inch in diameter)
Acute Renal Failure
Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Depressive Disorder

Brief Summary of Hospital Course/Complications:

71 year-old male with a history of diabetes and HTN, who presents with acute on chronic renal failure, jaundice, weight loss and a pancreatic head mass found on ultrasound.  CT-guided brush biopsies of mass were obtained and pericutaneous biliary drain inserted on 7/20/2007. Brush biopsy cytology was inconclusive. CT scan for staging which showed no pulmonary or hepatic metastases but did show peripancreatic nodes. Percutaneous biliary drain became problematic for patient with pain. Following oncology consult patient and family have agreed to not pursue further treatment of biopsies (because of high risk with a needle biopsy), and focus on home hospice care. We then placed a permanent metal stint to allow for physiologic biliary drainage and removal of external drain prior to patient discharge to home.

Patient has been home and has home hospice services since discharge: 8/1/07

Since September, 2007 Bill has been doing low radiation stones therapy with Jay Gutierrez. He is drinking radiated water (with water stone), has placed (taped ) radiation stones, 1 green and 1 higher radiation, over his pancreas on his stomach. Has worn the stones constantly except when showering.

He also has a radiated mud pack that was originally a lower radiation dose, and now wears a mud pack of more intensity. He also is taking dietary supplements of Limu and Colostrum.

On: 12/18/07 Bill had another ultrasound test. The results showed “something” on the pacreas that was about 1 inch in diameter. There was no change showing at all. Since the diagnosis when we left the hospital was that we could expect him to die within a range of 2 weeks to 6 weeks and to have unbelievable pain (he has not had the first twinge), we tend to think what Jay thinks. The tumor is gone and has left a mark, or scar tissue, and of course it is Jan. 12, 2008 and Bill is still walking around.

This week (1/13/08) our doctor has consulted with a radiologist who will be calling Bill to do another kind of scan in the near future. Dr. T. has also requested 7 fasting blood sugar readings be sent to him, and he then will decide if Bill will go back to an insulin regemin.

Sue M.