Q. If I have various areas to be treated what is the procedure?
A. We would suggest using the stone as central as possible if the areas are in different parts of the body you may divide the time you are using them. If you are unsure call your wellness instructor.

Q. We have a grey and green stone, mud pack and pendant, can they be used simultaneously?
A. Yes you may use all parts of this kit at once you always want to pay attention to the response your body is giving you.

Q. Can I use a multiple number of stones at the same time?
A. Yes for some people they require additional stone for additional problems depending on the severity of the issue.

Q. Can I use the water stone on my body?
A. Yes you may but the strength is about equal to the mudpack, so using the mudpack would be more effective.

Q. Does the water stone contain uranium?
A. Yes, the grey stones you have are all Carnotite and the main mineral that produces radiation is uranium.

Q. Is the waterstone also for the bath?
A. The grey stone is the stone recommended to be used for your bath.

Q. Is there a central point for pain, like fibromyalgia?
A. One of the best things to do for fibromyalgia is use in the areas of most pain, and even keeping the grey stone, or green stone on the back of the neck.

Q. How long can I leave a stone on a single point if I want to use it on multiple points ?
A. For some issues you might need to leave the stone on for up to 24 hours, in this case you would need more stones. Call us if you think you might need to keep your stone on the area for 24 hours.

Q. Do the stones work better on the meridians points/lines than on the actual organs?
A. The best thing is to first use them on the organs themselves, then if you do not get a response move the stones until you do get a response.

Q. Can the stones interfere with other devices or vice versa?
A. No, nothing can interfere with the stones. We actually have people with de fibs and pacemakers use these stones and never have a problem. I keep my stone in the same pocket as my cell phone. They will not interfere with anything you have.

Q. What is the best storage of the items when not in use? Do they influence products in close vicinity?
A. You can store them anywhere, even your sock drawer. When you are about 12 inches away from the stone and in line of site you my only get 10% of the energy of the stone.

Q. Regarding the influences of the stones on air travel, should the stones be packed in your suitcase or carry on airplane bags, and why?
A. They should be in your checked luggage for reasons that airlines don’t like hearing “radioactive” anything, it scares them. It is not harmful but many people are under the impression that it is. Also the mud pack could be considered a liquid.


If you get asked what you have in your bag, the quickest answer is “Healing Stones”.

Q. Do the stones ever lose their effectiveness due to any external influence like emr etc?
A. No they will not lose their effectiveness, even of you boil, microwave or pass them through a cat scan.

Q. Is there any evidence of the various stones for treating type 1 diabetes (juvenile), specially as diabetes might be a fungus initiated disorder?
A. We have treated some with type 1, and it takes 12 months or more to see any effects, we see more progress in type 2.

Q. Is there any significance of the number written on the grey stone
A. The number represents the strength in millirems per hour. For example if your stone says 18, then it measures 18 millirems/hour

Q. Is there any information regarding interaction with metal plates and screws in the body?
A. It will not interfere with a metal plate or screw.

Q. Is there any information regarding effects on emr?
A. It will not be affected by or effect EMR.

Q. Is there any information on the stones interactions with magnets or other subtle energy devices?
A. It will not interfere with any other energy device, nor will the device interfere with the stones.

Q. Is there any other jewelry available like rings?
A. No, only the necklace but you are open to create your own from our stones if you wish.

Q. Is there any information on the stone’s influence on auto immune disorders like vasculitis
A. It is very helpful in all types of autoimmune diseases. It helps get the immune system working correctly.

Q. Is there any advice on drinking the water before, after, during or away from food
A. Drink the water as you would normal water.