The Rest of the Story- Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer

Vanessa Cox

My testimony has been on Night Hawk Minerals website since 2008. You can read it as I posted.

Now it is November 2018 and I wanted to make an updated report that 10 years after being diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer and using Night Hawk Minerals stones I am alive, thriving and doing well. Yes, the stones work.
In fact in January of this year (2018) I had my doctor run every test he could think of to see if I had any trace of cancer. He found none and because he was an allopathic doctor and cannot conceive of anyone being healed of breast cancer without traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation he stated that he thought i had been misdiagnosed.

I called and talked to Faye this morning and we had a good talk and I told her that I wanted to update my testimony to let others know that after 10 years i am still well. No recurrence of cancer and all is well.

My prayer is that this might encourage others to choose a healthier path to healing. And as Jay always used to say, “God Bless”.

Janie Anderson
Floydada, FL