10 years of pain gone in 20 minutes


Just wanted to share with you what I said on the phone today. I was considering doing basal joint surgery on my right thumb that has arthritis in it. As you know I purchased the kit and the extra strong gray [20] stone after talking to you on the phone. It was not suppose to show up until Wed. but today Fed Ex [they are working on giving us rural people the service we need] showed up with my order. I used the elastic [spongy] bandage since I can reuse it and put the gray stone on my right wrist/thumb area. I was totally blown away and so excited to see that within 20 minutes of applying the stone I had almost NO PAIN in that area. I have been suffering with this problem for about 10 years with the last year so painful that I could not even hold a pen to write my name [had to hold it between my point finger and the middle finger then using the thumb to complete the grasp]. I can write my name with minimal to almost no pain. WOW I am soooo excited to see results as this was going to be my last attempt before going ahead with the basal joint surgery which was going to be a three month recovery. I am really excited to see if it helps my fibroid tumors on the forearms disappear so I can wear short sleeves again with out folks asking what those lumps are my arms are!!

I am excited to see if it will help some of my other health issues [high iron-hemochromatosis; excessive blood clotting due to Factor V Lieden; other arthritic places and maybe even help my tinninitis-ringing in the ears; sleeping better and having more energy….so much hope for my future health. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. May God richly Bless all that you folks are doing at Night Hawk Minerals.

Gail N.