Menieres Disease


This email is long overdue and it’s time to let you know thankful I am for your products. I may have been one of your earliest customers gifted to receive a pair of ear stones. My sister, Susan Bratus, who lives in Boulder, Colorado attended one of your lectures in 2008 where she first heard about your ear stones. Questions about hearing problems were asked by the audience and the response was all very positive. At the time, my ENT doctor had diagnosed me with Meniere’s Disease in my right ear. I had all the tests, tried several prescriptions, researched as much as I could on the Internet, switched to a low sodium diet, yet nothing much helped. My life was a total wreck. I suffered in silence for those who don’t understand this hearing disorder.

My sister called me right after your lecture with some hopeful news. She gave me your website, told me to read about the healing modality your of stones, and asked whether I would be open to wearing ear stones. I told her I would certainly give it a try. After speaking with one of your staff members, my sister gifted me with a pair of ear stones which were shipped directly to my home in Michigan. I thought wearing stones in my ears would feel rather strange, but surprisingly I discovered they’re not at all. Unlike spongy conventional ear plugs, the ear stones are comfortable to wear and I can actually hear without the horrible distortion. I even forget sometimes I’m wearing them.

At first, I started wearing my ear stones for about 30 minutes each day. Then I worked up to a couple of hours every day for the next 6+ months. This became a gradual process of improvement following the next couple of years after I was diagnosed as my symptoms began to subside over time. I am willing to share my experience with others who may suffer such as I did with distorted hearing, dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and nausea. Thanks to your incredible ear stones, my prognosis for Meniere’s Disease has greatly improved. When I mentioned this during my last annual visit to my ENT doctor, he couldn’t find a logical explanation.

The latest results from my audio test indicate my hearing is minimally affected which remains to this day. Best of all, dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and nausea are totally gone. The only time I seem to notice I ever had a problem is when I hear certain pitches or when I’m indoors surrounded by a continuous combination of various loud sounds, music, television, voices, laughter, and such. Since I carry my ear stones everywhere I go, I simply put them in my ears and I’m happy to say that I no longer need to escape loud noisy areas.

Thank you for making the ear stones available and especially to my sister, Susan, who gifted me. I feel as though I got my life back.


Nancy G.

Ann Arbor, MI