Teeth and other issues


June 21st, 2013
Dear Night Hawk Minerals,

[This is] what the rocks have done for me:

1. From just WEARING a rock, it raised a horrible stench that hung in my room for two weeks. After when I saw my daughter and told her about that experience she told me I’d always carried a bad odor that now that I mentioned it, she hadn’t noticed this time when she was around me.

2. When I was at Terra Bella I and others who purchased machines from me did Healthscans on around 60 people. Of all the people, I had the best score of 94.9. Two people scored 92. I think the rocks have something to do with this as I am not generally known to have the greatest health in the world.
My husband loves this!

4. I really don’t know WHAT to attribute this to, but I am more flexible than I can remember ever being in my adult life. Rocks?

5. My teeth have been incredibly compromised. Big chunks of “tooth” have literally fallen out three times in the last couple of years. I had too many cavities to even count. About three years ago I had $3K of dental work done for free and needed that much again. I could never finance all of this! I believe the rocks are a part of the reason why my mineralization has improved and many of these spots are slowly healing.

6. A gum abcess was behind one of these tooth chunks falling out. I didn’t know it was there until after the tooth shattered. One night I put two of the larger flat rocks on either side of my face in an attempt to create an electrical circuit around my mouth. I knew I should really TIE them onto my face but was too lazy. I thought I would just keep them on until I went to sleep. I woke up in the night while turning. I was shocked to realize that the side of my face that had the abscess was holding onto the rock even though gravity should have pulled it off! I had sweat on the rock and I’m sure that helped but it seemed like a slight electrical current was also maintaining the connection to my skin. The next day that abcess started draining. It drained for about five days then rested two. Week two it did the same thing. Week three, repeat of the same pattern. Each time there was less intensity in volume of discharge and pain. After the third time, it was done. At first chewing on that bad tooth was very miserable as I had like a shelf across part of the top with the heart of the tooth gone. Since then, each week I am more and more comfortable because the tooth is re-gaining its structure back! I still get food stuck in there but I can tell from week to week that the hole is getting smaller.

I think that is all quite incredible for one person to experience over wearing a silly rock and having rocks in their drinking water!