Macular Degeneration


Just wanted to let you know I am sending you a customer for the eye stone kit and his name is Pat Jackson of Spearman, Tx. I also want to tell you what has happened to my wife.

She had Macular Degeneration for three years before we found out about the eye stones. She started using them eight months after her last check up and that gave her four months of using the stones before the next check up. The Dr. told her they had not gotten any worse from last year. That tells me that in only four months they had removed the negative of eight months. Now it has been another year and she has used the stones for a year and four months and the Dr. told her he didn’t know why he was treating her for Macular as she didn’t have it. He even ran a Laser Scan and showed us what to look for and told us that the specs he pointed out could someday develop into Macular Degeneration. We didn’t tell him what she had been using as he would not see her again. Now she is Macular Free thanks to the Stones.


Paul W.