Bladder Problems and Pain


Here is an update about what the stones and mudpack have done for me.  I have been using them for about 6 months.

First, I haven’t had a bladder infection since I started drinking the water.  And my complexion is much better.

The osteoarthritis in my knees has greatly improved.  Before wearing the necklace, carrying the stones, drinking the water and using the mudpack I was in daily pain.  Every time I moved during my sleep I felt pain in my knees.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  Therefore, I am sleeping much better.  I can now do things like walk 6 miles across the rough prairie and actually go down my basement stairs after a day of being on my legs.  Before, it was a rare day that I could bend my right knee 90 degrees.  Now it is a very rare day that I cannot.

My best friend said it best yesterday.  “You don’t complain about your knees anymore”.  I used to put Capsaicin cream on my knees every night.  I haven’t bought any in months.  I’m sure their stock value has dropped.  Ha-ha!

I sleep on the mudpack.  I have 2 ruptured discs that can be very annoying.  They rarely bother me anymore and when my back “goes out”, sleeping on the mud pack seems to ‘heal’ my back quicker.

Thank You!  I am a firm believer.

N. Black