Lymes Disease


We will never be able to prove that our youngest daughter, Emma, had Lyme because we would not have her subjected to standard medical torture- er- uh-treatment for Lyme. She picked deer ticks off of our beagle and a few weeks later she was feeling sick and tired all the time and had a bull’s eye rash on her thigh. It was as simple as that. She had just turned 17 when we got started treating it. This was fall of ’05.

We got huge results in the form of leopard-like spots that came out of her and literally covered her body except her hands and feet, from using the Salt-C protocol. But it was no cure as were several other things that we tried. We kept the Lyme reasonably under control but she did develop arthritis in 3 fingers and she had some dyslexic symptoms within a year.

We discovered Radiation Hormesis ala, told about it by a friend while working on possible breast cancer for my wife. That’s a separate story. By early spring of 2010 we had actually met Jay Gutierrez and Faye Cox and had come into possession of many more of their products and were prepared to do battle with Lyme in that manner. We got this started with her while she was still at college, 325 miles distant, in late March or early April of 2010.

As it turned out, only the “Kit” was needed to defeat Em’s Lyme. She wore the carnotite pendant 24/7 except for bathing. She drank from a pint to a quart daily of radon water made with the “water stone”. Both of these things made her nauseous at first. We learned that’s because Lyme survives in the stomach lining. At first she would be nauseous for an hour or so from either
putting on the necklace or drinking the water. That decreased to a few minutes of nausea. When she would remove the necklace to bathe then put it back on, she would get a wave of nausea. Eventually drinking the water only produced a wave of nausea.

She used the “mudpack” to sleep on, either over her stomach or under her back. At first it produced some nausea too. She used the green stones to reduce pain in her fingers by sleeping with them taped to her fingers.

Eventually all nausea stopped. By July 2010 all her Lyme symptoms had left her except some residual weakness in her 3 fingers and a small amount of the dyslexia. She proudly proclaims that she has not had a “Lyme Day” since. She’s 22 now and finishing college this year and aiming for a Master’s next.

To be totally fair and honest, she had continually kept the Lyme under a reasonable amount of control by using Salt-C and Magnascent iodine and MSM or DMSO but she and we knew that it was a losing battle so we never stopped looking for a successful treatment for full remission. That treatment had to be one that we could afford and would not disrupt her life. Radiation Hormesis filled the bill all around. I suspect that if the disease had progressed further then the treatment would have had more harsh effects and the recuperation would have taken longer.

I have attempted to spread this news around but I have other things on my plate. To date I personally know of no one else who has done it. The few I’ve told have apparently ignored it. Most people freak out over any idea of radon or radiation. They’re not to blame because they have been conditioned to do so by our scientific and medical establishment.

If you have Lyme and want to consider this but are afraid to jump in, then first buy the book “Because People Are Dying” and learn the truth, particularly about how the EPA has known the truth about the GOOD health effects of radon for many years and have hidden that truth. You’ll find that around page 40 of the book. Honestly, I never even read it any farther. Right then, when I read that, I put the book down and got to work.

We will never be able to prove that Em does not now have Lyme just like we’ll never be able to prove that she had it to begin with. We did not waste our money or time with the medical establishment and their inconclusive and expensive tests. We know what happened and that’s all we need to know. Let him who has ears, hear.

Bob Ansley, aka DaddyBob, Shallotte NC