Breast Pain and Skin Fungus


I have been using Night Hawk minerals for about two years now. As a 25 year old nursing mother, I was having a lot of breast pain during and after nursing. I went to the doctors who did numerous tests with no answers to the cause of the tender area. I started wearing a green stone in my bra and drinking the rock infused water and alas…my pain is now tolerable. With this new discovery I began to give my children small amounts of the rock water as well. My four year old son has dealt with skin fungus (much like athletes foot) in various regions of his body, and as long as I keep him drinking the water daily, no outbreaks! Recently, I gave my Night Hawk goods to a friend whose son deals with eczema. She was seeing such exciting results I let her keep the water rock. However, without the stone, we weren’t getting our usual doses of the mineral. I began to experience severe pain in my breast once again and broke out in a rash across my neck and chest. I had Night Hawk ship me a new one right away! I am no scientist and I don’t understand all the ingredients that make these stones so helpful. But I would like to challenge you that we don’t know the ingredients in the majority of the food and medications we ingest either. Most people are very quick to give a child Tylenol, take another allergy pill, or eat a prepackaged meal for dinner without questioning the side effects or long term reactions. With that being said, what do you have to lose with trying Night Hawk? I bet the results will pleasantly surprise you, much like they did me!

Ashley, Colorado