Upset stomach or food poisoning… gone!


I have a testimonial I would like to share. First of all, I have a very strong stomach so if I get sick to my stomach, I am REALLY sick. About a month ago, a local pizza buffet restaurant was donating their proceeds to the people of Haiti for earthquake relief. I thought it was a good cause so I took my daughter and two grandchildren there. One grandchild is an infant so he didn’t’t eat. Anyway, about five hours after we got home, my grand-daughter started throwing up. I placed the mud pack on her tummy and that cleared it up. The next night, I started to get a queasy feeling and stomachache which led to throwing up. I went to bed and my stomach was still churning (probably food poisoning) and I laid on my back and put the mud pack on my stomach. In about 10 minutes the pain was gone as well as the queasiness. I didn’t throw up any more and kept the mudpack on my stomach for the rest of the night. Who would have thought??????