Woman’s son gets bitten by a brown recluse spider


June 9th, 2008

This is our story…

My son and his fiance moved into a duplex last fall. When the weather started to warm up this spring, they noticed spiders moving into their house. They realized that the spiders were brown recluse spiders and that his home was infested with them. One morning he woke up to realize that he had been bitten on his ear with the recluse spider still lying next to his pillow. He immediately went to a clinic near his home and the Doctor told him there was nothing he could do for it and that Tyler would most likely have to have reconstructive surgery on his ear. I had an aunt who was bitten by a recluse spider on her hand when she was a child. I know the severity of a brown recluse bite and did not want that for my son. My fiancé looked on the internet for about 6 hours trying to find something that could help Tyler. We decided to try Pascalite/Bentonite Clay because it said that it was the only known cure for Recluse Spider Bites. I happened to email my very close friend that day to tell her what had happened to Tyler. She told me about the stones you use and how effective they are. More importantly, she was driving to Kansas City that weekend where my son lives. Talk about perfect timing! She met Tyler and gave him the stone to use. Tyler used the stone as directed to him and within just a few days the ear was completely healed. When I say completely healed, I mean no scabbing or scarring. I believe that things happen for a reason. Because you are a friend of my friend and because she just happened to be driving to Kansas City from Colorado that weekend was not simply coincidence. “Thank you” doesn’t seem good enough but I don’t know how else to let you know grateful we are that you were there for us at that moment.

God Bless,