Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (new story)


I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer on April 3, 2008.  I was incredibly shocked.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I had a good idea it would not be the western protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  After the biopsy, my doctor wanted me to have a MRI of my breast so I did.  In doing the MRI they found another lump.

I knew a holistic doctor and pharmacist in Kansas City and I called them immediately.  They suggested that I come up to Kansas City and start nutritional IV’s so that is what I did.  I had an I.V. every day that week, started applying Black Salve directly on the tumor and also started an oral nutritional protocol geared for oncology.  I went home with the plan to have the pharmacy overnight the I.V.’s and have them administered at my home town but that did not work out so I had to look for another plan.

I heard about a nutritionist in Colorado, so I contacted him to see if he could help me.  We had a long talk and my husband and I drove to Colorado to see him.  He had healed himself of cancer several years ago so I felt that he would be able to guide me to health also.  He started me on Essiac tea and a fermented soy powder that had a history of successfully treating breast cancer.

Meanwhile my youngest son and his wife were planning on me coming to help them with a new baby.  I didn’t want to disappoint them and everyone thought it would be good for me so I went.  I was there two weeks and kept applying the black salve and following the oral nutritional oncology protocol.  I arrived home on May 5th.

I had to stop taking the fermented soy powder because of side effects and that was disappointing and discouraging.  For the next two weeks I went back and forth trying to determine what would work best for me and I considered going forward with the typical Western protocol because I felt like I needed something more than what I was currently doing.  But I drug my feet on this because it just didn’t feel right.

On Monday, May 19th Mark (the nutritionist in Colorado) called me and said a lady had just left his office that had had breast cancer but he had not been able to detect cancer in her body.  She told Mark that she had been using healing stones which acted as radiation hormesis and gave Mark the name of the man to contact for more information.  That man’s name was Jay Gutierrez.  Mark called Jay and talked to him a long time finding out about this process.  Then he called me.  I immediately called Jay and he answered the phone.  I told him what I was dealing with and he said “Breast cancer is a piece of cake, can’t you get something harder?”  I laughed and said, “Well, I really didn’t want to!”  We made plans for my husband and I to meet him at his home on Wednesday, May 2lst.  In the meantime I went to his web site and read and researched all I could find about radiation hormesis.

We arrived at Jay’s home and he took us to his rock shop.  He went over everything very carefully and two hours later we left armed with everything I needed to heal my body from breast cancer using radiation hormesis.  It all seemed so easy and I felt very happy and grateful to have found out about this.  Jay was so kind and said to call him anytime.  And I did.  I am ever grateful to both Jay and Mark for their unending support.  Jay never failed to answer my call or call me back and always put my fears to rest.  Mark did the same; I couldn’t have stayed the course without their support.
I might add that I had been eating a raw food diet for almost two years, and this is one reason I was so surprised that I had cancer.  I continued with this way of eating but I believe the radiation hormesis would have healed my body if I had not been eating raw.

I had some tests done in September and they all came back negative.  I am thankful for Jay and the work he has done with radiation hormesis.  Jay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being true to God’s calling for you.  I am one grateful woman.

Janie A.
Scott City, KS

My testimony has been on Night Hawk Minerals website since 2008. You can read it as I posted.

Now it is November 2018 and I wanted to make an updated report that 10 years after being diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer and using Night Hawk Minerals stones I am alive, thriving and doing well. Yes, the stones work.
In fact in January of this year (2018) I had my doctor run every test he could think of to see if I had any trace of cancer. He found none and because he was an allopathic doctor and cannot conceive of anyone being healed of breast cancer without traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation he stated that he thought i had been misdiagnosed.

I called and talked to Faye this morning and we had a good talk and I told her that I wanted to update my testimony to let others know that after 10 years i am still well. No recurrence of cancer and all is well.

My prayer is that this might encourage others to choose a healthier path to healing. And as Jay always used to say, “God Bless”.

Janie Anderson
Floydada, FL