Knee Pain



The other day my hubby took a big tumble onto our cement walkway while carrying a heavy load. He was hollering in pain on the ground and I was sure he broke something. He slammed his knee when he fell. It was hard for me to get him to slow down enough to just ice his knee. Later in the day he saw a friend who does reflexology who did some work on his knee and then gave him a big list of natural stuff to get and also he’d have to soak in the tub for a hour and then put some kind of castor oil poultice on his knee. I knew he wasn’t going to follow all those instructions, so I said, “Hey, just wrap my mud pack loosely around your knee with an ace bandage when you go to bed.” Wow! He says that it gives him instant pain relieve and a soothing feeling to his knee all night and it only really starts hurting just before its time for bed.” He’s just used it two nights now. I’ve always loved rocks and minerals but never realized how they love us too!

Steve doesn’t go in like he should to see if he needs an adjustment using their diagnostic instrument so occasionally he might start getting another flare up on one of his legs. And let me tell you, his leg will get inflamed from the knee down with 102 fevers. When we had health insurance he’d end up on antibiotics for months. Well, this chiropractic treatment pretty much eliminated that problem but being the active guy that Steve is, he won’t see the chiropractor unless he is really suffering. So, on a few occasions, he has had the beginnings of a flare up on his leg (starting about the size of his hand) and he is not one to soak in the tub or lay around with a moist heating pad on his leg. But let me tell you, I can get him to loosely wrap the mud pack on his leg at night. After only one night his leg clears up and if I’m lucky, I may persuade him to use it at least a 2nd or 3rd night for good measure. If it weren’t for the mud pack, he’d probably have to use antibiotics — and all the hazards associated with that.

Peace and love,

Debra in SF Bay Area