Allergic to the Sun: Stones were the only help


Hi this is Clista from Mew Mexico and I have a few thank you’s to give in your direction.

My problem started nine years ago 5-5-2000, when on my way home from a river trip with my daughter. I started getting a rash on the inside of my wrists, by the time I got home this rash was everywhere except for my face and where my swimsuit covered.

The next day I went to sit in the sun to make the rash feel better and within moments had my first, what I then believed, asthma attack with my skin burning like fire. This reaction continued even when the rash was gone.

The doctor said,”buy a hat, wear long sleeves” (No Help). I bought a cape and my wonderful sister made me three more. For nine years this was my life. A life with no sun!
My Niece told you of this problem. Your first words were “have her call me, I know what this is.”

I called, filled with hope for the first time in nine years! My stones were sent, and so it begins. Wearing the stones, taking baths with stones and Magnesium flakes, and drinking stone charged water.

Oh how very simple and poison free!

The changes in my body have been incredible. There were a lot of toxins that had to be thrown off. You have given me beautiful support through the whole process. Answering my questions all the way.

I have not put a cape on for almost two months. I can drive the 25 miles to town, walk across a parking lot, and play in the garden. No burning and still breathing. What a blessing!
I have found the people at Night Hawk Minerals, and these wonderful stones to be the most amazing healing experience of my life!

I am not yet finished. I am only four months into the whole process. I use the stones for many things, such as headache, backache, restless legs, sinus. I have not needed so much as an aspirin.
I quit smoking three years ago, I do not drink, and I do not do drugs. Being chemical free is another added bonus.

I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough for giving me back the precious life God gave me.

May You be Blessed in all your Adventures.

A Friend Always,