Cervical Dysplasia


Dear Faye and Jay and Nighthawkminerals, I was invited to a “stone and mud pack seminar” on May 15,2010. I was amazed at the information provided.

I purchased my “Kit” that Saturday. I was asked if I had any health issues, I listed a few and oh, by the way I have cervical dysplasia, which I have been watching with my Gyn for about 8 years now. I had even had the LEEP procedure done to no avail, it was still there and even more so after that.

I took my kit home and that evening slept on my mud pack.

The next morning May 16th I awoke and took my shower. While in the shower there was something under my foot, it was about 2 – 2 1/2 inches long (whatever it was) I scooted it towards the drain without thinking, (I live in Tx. thinking it was a bug), then I thought – oh, I should see what it was but the thought came too late, it was gone down the drain. Then I noticed a small piece of something in the back of the shower it was about an eighth of an inch wide and about as long, I picked it up, it was black and had the look and texture of silicone- still not thinking of what this stuff might be, pitched it also down the drain.

Then when I went to rinse my wash cloth, there were long, slender pieces of this black stuff on my wash cloth. This had come from my body! (1 night with the mud pack mind you). Oh my, I called Faye and Jay and praise the Lord they were still in Seguin, Texas. I talked with them and purchased my mother a “kit”. The mud packs work great on bruises .. they go away almost immediatly and do not hurt. There are so many uses for these products.

I had my next 6 month check up with my Gyn in early Sept. and YES… praise the Lord and Nighthawk Minerals, my pap came back normal. I recommend these product to everyone. I know of so many people with diabetes, MS, cancer and other ailments.

Praise the Lord

Teresa in Texas