Woman with Breast Cancer refuses Chemo, and uses the stone


20  August 2007

Dear Jay,

These are just a few lines to bring you up to date on the breast cancer case I told you about last month.  Remember when I was considering using escharotics but feared that it would be too traumatic? As you know, I’m out here in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country where there are many Mennonite and Amish villages. I am writing about the Mennonite lady who took to her bed after an unfortunate fall that dislocated her hip.  As I understand, her doctor refused to do anything for her.  After he advised her earlier this year that she had breast cancer, she refused chemo, radiation, and surgery.  They quarreled over her decision, so he told her that she might as well go home and call hospice.

Her family called me the first week in July about a nutritional protocol.  What I walked in on was not a pretty sight.  Her right breast was just a hard movable mass about three inches square.  There were approximately half a dozen oozing sores which she said had been there since February.  Nothing the doctor had given her had helped.  She tried to keep it clean as best she could, but it was always oozing a very smelly discharge. You could pick up this odor when you walked in the front door long before you got to the bedroom.  When I called you about her case, we talked about the connection of fungus to cancer, and decided that a “hot” rock would probably kill the fungus and allow the breast to start healing. You sent the rock out; I got it over to the family around the 29th of July. I advised that the rock be kept on the breast 24/7.  This has not been the easiest family to work with, for they don’t always understand the importance of keeping in touch.  Finally, after three weeks of silence, I heard from them on Sunday.  It was the lady herself, calling me, glad to report that not only had the sores gone away “almost overnight,” but that the actual mass was softening and felt as if it might be shrinking.  She said that, after putting on the rock,  the oozing had stopped almost overnight and that every single one of the sores had started scabbing over in about two or three days.  She was delighted to finally see new pink skin where the open sores had been. She said that she did not experience any discomfort. Having seen some success, she is ready to get serious with her nutrition.

You know, I think this case is pretty remarkable, in that this woman is doing little or no supplements, plus she is osteoporotic.  Her body has been very acidic for a long period of time and she has trouble remaining compliant to her nutritional protocol.  Yet the breast is well on the way to healing. It just goes to prove one more time that we are dealing with fungus. The low dose radiation killed the fungus, and the breast started healing.  I am so grateful that you were there to help me with this one.

Thank you very much.