Success with the Stones


(This post is primarily for readers who are newbies to RH and some of this will be redundant to old hands at it.)

Although we got into this for my wife… and BTW everything that the good folks at Nighthawk have said would happen is happening, including that her left breast has gotten noticeably more firm
in places that we did not feel firmness before, which is the first thing a tumor does when exposed to this low level ionizing radiation…and the main part of the tumor feels like it is retracting… I have already had numerous benefits which I did not expect at all.

The Mud Pack is just WONDERFUL for healing sore overworked muscles. The first night I used it on my low back it felt very reminiscent of the Crock Device, but more intense, like a massage by a hundred tiny fingers. I had really twisted my right knee last Thursday and along with all the good things I’ve learned to take for such as that, the really big result was from wrapping that mud pack around my knee on Friday night.

The mud pack is the mud made by the cutting of the naturally radioactive stones with wet masonry saws and wet grinding equipment. They apparently just save the best mud and seal it inside of a vacuum type food saver bag and then seal that bag inside of another one.

But the real big kick in the pants is the “water stone” and the radioactive water it makes. That water will go into places where you only just thought you were healed before. My first 16 ounces of it made me tingle in many places but especially all around my sinuses. Within a day I had vertigo which is an indication to me that sinusitis pathogens were still hidden away in my sinuses and were being unhappily dislodged.

Further drinking of that water actually made me very tired as a large scale detox took hold.

The most surprising thing was the reaction by my prostate within 2-3 days (about 6-8 glasses of water all total). I’ve already been bragging about how good my prostate works since I took Lugol’s Iodine for my heart and got the surprising benefit of a much better behaved prostate. This was from the potassium iodide component of Lugol’s. Well after drinking this water, lemmetellya I only THOUGHT my prostate was in good shape before. The difference is already amazing, especially at night. No need to go into the gory details but guys- DO THIS and BE HAPPY. You can order a water stone for about $55.

BTW, some of this, especially my speed of reaction and healing, may be due to taking Lipo-C at the same time.

DaddyBob (Bob Ansley)