Our Percheron Cross


August 2012

Shiloh is my my 13 year old Percheron cross.
In the spring of 2011 he presented an ailment that appeared to be the disease Cushing’s or Diabetes.  He had grown a coat that was longer than usual and did not shed it out fully in the warm weather.
The coat stayed around his barrel, his chest and some on his flanks.  The hairs became sun-bleached a few shades lighter than normal.  These symptoms are characteristic of the two diseases mentioned.  However, when tested by my vet he came up “normal horse”.

Fall rolled into winter, then spring of 2012 and again Shiloh presented the same symptoms.  It appeared that he had some adrenal issue.  I gave him herbs and they seemed to help some but not solve the problem.

Katie and Gregory mentioned the water stones I felt that they may have some potential.  Shiloh is not completely “cured” of the problem but these are the things that have changed and I feel that he is getting better.

1. He has begun shedding out.  No totally but the shed grows more each week.  His coat is becoming more sleek.
2. He had a gooey substance under his belly in the vicinity of his sheath.  I was told that was common and that he needed to have his sheath cleaned.  In the past the substance associated with the sheath cleaning was more flaky than gooey.  The gooey is gone.  Merlin was starting to present the gooey substance as well.  His is now gone too.
3. Shiloh runs a lot now, before he was content to just walk in the pasture.  When I let him out with Benjamin and Merlin he kicks up his heels and runs around the pasture.
4. He and Benjamin are my driving team.  They both are very alert and have lots more energy.
5. Shiloh also had a cough that came from being stabled elsewhere for 7 years. In December of 2011 I was able to complete the purchase of a home, band and pasture on 3 acres.  Since the stones Shiloh no longer coughs.
6. All three of my boys have very shiny coats now.  Benjamin and Merlin were always shinny but not with the luster they have now.

I am sorry to have taken so long in my response.  But I wanted to give it a full month to see what would happen. Thank you.  Thank you to Katie and Gregory for telling about the stones and their story.


The Cancer has stopped.