Dupuytren’s Contraction


NOTE: This is very exciting, the first time we worked with this issue, we had no idea that it could heal the hand so quickly and efficiently, Kevin, read the first testimonial and decided to give it a shot, and now we have 2 cases that have had the same result, this is very exciting for all those who suffer from or know someone who suffer from Dupuytren’s Contraction.

I am a pianist and when I found out I had Dupuytren’s I was devastated. I had a suspicion I might get it since several members of my immediately family already had it. I tried all sorts of things to try to handle it, but nothing worked. The total amount spent was $15,000, but alas no results. There is NO known cure in traditional medicine which made me more determined to find an answer. There was a testimonial I found through a google search and it linked to the nighthawkminerals web site. I contact Jay and talked to a person named Terry who was able to reverse it. I told me about the Grey Stone and drinking the radiated water.

I wore the stone 24/7 and made a Velcro strap and attached it to the rock. Within several days there was an odor coming from my hand. Even after washing several times, the odor returned as potent as ever. I continued using the stone in hopes it would work. The nodule starting going down in the first week, and by the second week the nodule was down by sixty percent. Now after only one month it is almost gone.

These stones can handle anything, and my hand is the proof, along with everyone who saw it before and see the difference now. We are all amazed and I have told a lot of people about the website including a stage 4 cancer patient who I believe can find the answer…..

Kevin, Reno Nevada