Pain and Success with the Necklace


Here are some testimonial for the stone necklace that my wife and I have been using for several weeks now and introduced to friends and my mother.

My wife had hip surgery a year and a half ago. Her opposite hip began bothering her since she favored it and began wearing down the cartlidge. She had to take darvastat to control the pain. I was given a stone necklace and gave it to her to try and within a day her pain completely subsided and she no longer is in need of the darvastat. When she would do yard work her pain would last for days afterwards and now within hours of finishing yard work she is pain free due to the stone necklace.

I have a condition called lipoma which I have 4 growths on by lower back. When they get inflammed they put pressure on my nerves, spine, and hip bones. Since wearing the stone necklace my pain has subsided and more importantly the inflamation went away within hours of wearing the necklace. I also have degenerative arthritis in my knees, I had partial knee replacement in one of the knees, and since wearing the necklace my knees don’t ache and my pain is not noticiable.

Some freinds were visiting this weekend who have various pains due to surgery and aging. We let them wear our necklaces for the day and all of their pain was greatly reduced or gone completely. One of the freinds could not sleep through the night due to numerous back surgeries, but when she wore the necklace overnight she slept through the night.

I gave a necklace to my mother who had lung cancer surgery and went through radiation. Her energy was low and was experiencing after effects of the radiation. Within a day of wearing the necklace she physically felt better and had much more energy. She even went to get a pedicure which she had not done due to having no energy. The necklace has done wonders for her as well as myself, my wife, and our freinds.

Thank you,

Bob S.