Menieres Disease, Arthritis, and Pain


April 2011

Jay, I feel it is time that I write a testimonial in regards to my experience with the stones.

I have had a severe form of osteoarthritis in my hands only for the last 7 years. The arthritis has manifested itself in very red angry joints, fingers that are becoming crooked and pain so severe that I have been awaken from a deep sleep. When I went to the rheumatologist, he asked me which one of my parents had it. That was easy, I said “my mother” whose hands were so deformed. He said that this form of arthritis is always familial. I have been tested so many times to confirm that this is not rheumatoid arthritis and it has always come back osteo.

My close friend told me about the stones. She was using them and so I checked out the web site and called to get more information. I spoke with Jay that first time and I decided to try the stone kit plus I bought a grey stone because he suggested it. After looking at the cost, I thought I must have stones in my head. I made a little handle with wide masking tape that I could slip my affected fingers into and position the green stones over the inflamed joints. I slept with the green stones each night. The first thing I noticed was a tremendous reduction of the I was able to sleep through the night. Then I noticed a reduction in the redness in the joints. At the same time, another friend told me about a homeopathic remedy for arthritis called Niacinamide taken 4 to 5 times a day in 250mg. capsules ONLY. That helped to straighten my fingers. I called back to Nighthawk and asked them if there was anything else I could do and Faye suggested that I make a sleeve of the mud pack and sleep with it over the stones on my fingers. I ordered another mud pack and that is what I do with tremendous results. The swelling in the joints is actually going down and these were really swollen joints.

Now I travel with my stones and mud packs so here is another testimonial: I was out of town and decided to move an ottoman in the room. I picked it up and it was much heavier than I expected and I dropped it on my right big toe. I literally saw stars and was in incredible pain. My big toe began to swell immediately which amplified the pain. I was sure than I had broken it and would lose my toe nail. I remembered that I had my gray stone with me and so I taped it to the toe, got into bed, elevated that foot on a pillow, and went to sleep as best I could. I awoke the next morning and the pain was gone, just a little soreness remained. My toenail did turn black but did not fall off and just slowly grew out and a normal toenail took it’s place. I became a BELIEVER.

This testimonial is amazing. I have been wearing a hearing aid for 5 years. This past year, I was diagnosed with Menuiere’s disease which is a hearing loss that fluctuates. It can really drive you “nuts”. I was reading through the testimonials about 6-7 weeks ago and read one from a woman that had Menuiere’s and had wonderful results with the ear stones. I didn’t even know that nighthawk offered ear stones and so I called and spoke
with Jay. He advised me to try the the ear stones and I ordered them. I have been so focused and conscientious about wearing them when I am home and sleeping with them each night. I knew that I was having great results. I had even removed my hearing aid. I went to a specialist in this disease and to his shock and mine, my hearing test was NORMAL. Now that’s a testimonial! Of course, I told him about the stones and asked him to check it out for himself.

I want to thank Jay and his amazing, concerned, and knowledgeable staff for always being approachable, accessible and caring.


Maxine S.