3 years of headaches


Hi my name is Maurizio,

I will relate something that happened to my girlfriend.  She had been suffering from frequent headaches for the last three years. Sometimes after a whole day with a headache she would go to sleep and wake up the next day with no change whatsoever. After three weeks of drinking irradiated water and using a green stone on her right foot and a mud pack on her stomach only at night she
started to have intense pain above her right ear. (She had been having problems with her right ear since she was a teenager after she went swimming and water got into it ).  After two three days with this intense pain in which she herself could not touch it she felt something was inside her ear and only by tilting her head she was able to pull out a small piece of dark matter that had a licorice like consistency, and about one hour later a small cluster of white pin head size mushrooms looking like matter came out!!! Yes mushrooms ( fungus ) that had almost the same
consistency as flesh!!! And now for about twenty days she has been free of headaches !!!

Now I do not think that was a coincidence but a direct result of drinking the irradiated water and using the green stone and the mud pack .