If you haven’t already heard, there is a Global problem taking place. Our honey bees are dying off at an alarming rate. The work of the honey bee is of vital importance in the pollination process of our fruits and vegetables. In more ways than one, we need to realize that the answer to the problem could eventually lead to the survival of our world. I am going to give you a brief overview of what we do here at Night Hawk Minerals, and how it pertains to the survival of the honey bees.

For many years now we have been successfully working with people who have degenerative diseases, such as cancer, and have witnessed many miracles. During this time, we have been doing this on the THEORY of “Radiation Hormesis”. In other words, we have explained how, in this theory, the radiation goes through your body, slightly damaging your cells and DNA, which in turn stimulates your immune system. This is basically the theory of radiation hormesis, defined by the nuclear physicist, Dr. Charles Sanders, and discussed in his book, “Radiation Hormesis and the Linear No-Threshhold Assumption . Although I do agree with him to a degree, that some of what he has assumed is correct, But after working with natural radioactive ores that we mine in a hands on capacity, we have been able to validate that it is actually the FREQUENCIES that these stones emit which is producing these miracles we have witnessed.

Once we understood that it was frequencies we were working with, everything made sense and we saw even better ways to apply them. I will give an example. We took several different containers of water that were either too acidic or too alkaline. After setting a stone in the water for 24 hours, we observed that the pH level in every container was at the same 7.6. The perfect level! We tried this in many situations and learned many things. Thereare only two ways to change the pH in water. Chemically, or with Frequencies. When you are using frequencies, you are basically doing what is called “restructuring” the water. You see, water molecules have a memory. Once you have imprinted a frequency onto the water molecule, it then spreads to other water molecules. This is restructuring water. We have used these waters to do many things, including using restructured water to introduce the frequencies into a beehive.

savethebeeThe main things we have observed over the years working with these frequencies from the stones, is that it never does the wrong thing, It always makes the right move, and over time, it will always prevail over destructive frequencies. Our Doctor calls it “God’s Breath”. One important thing we noticed also, is that the frequencies use oxygen for fuel.

Now, let’s take the bee. The bee spends his whole life dependent on frequencies for navigation and communication. Example, you see a flower. You can smell the flower. The bee cannot smell the flower, but that flower puts out a fragrance, which is an energy, which means it puts out a frequency. The bee is drawn to the frequency.

What has happened in today’s world with pesticides, fertilizers, cell phones, emf’s(electromagnetic frequencies), we have disrupted the bee’s ability to be healthy and efficient. We have seen that once we have applied these stones in sugar water beside the beehive, they thrived. We have done this with different breeds of honey bees and see the same results. Example: We had a hive in Virginia that was in its third year and ready to collapse. Once we put the sugar water and stone in place, these are the results so far.
Right at the beginning, we noticed that the bees were drinking twice as much water and instead of seeing the usual black fungus that normally grows on the bottom of the sugar water jar, it was clear.
After two weeks, the hive swarmed with the largest amount of bees they had ever seen at the time. This started another hive.
One week after this, the hive warmed again. Then four days later, again. Then a month and a half later, it swarmed again with THE largest amount of bees they had ever witnessed.
The original hive normally produces about 50 pounds of honey a year. This hive now has already produced over 200 pounds of honey this year and the honey is extremely healthy. It carries the frequencies also!

I have been on many radio shows lately, excited about spreading the word on this discovery. I had one lady who called and wanted to get a level 1 grey stone from us to help save the bees. I asked her if she was a beekeeper and she said, “No, but you said if I put a stone in sugar water it would help the bees”. Well, she was correct. She wanted to put out the stone water for the bees in her garden. I thought, how incredible! Here is a person who does not even own bees, but can effectively do her part in helping a global problem. I have to praise her for that!

We have lots of information to share with those who are concerned about this problem and are looking for answers. Basically, it is placing a level 1 grey stone in a quart mason jar of sugar water out for the bees. They become healthy again! Please contact us if you have any questions. God Bless.

Night Hawk Minerals