Parasite Testing, A letter from Jay Gutierrez

Faye Cox-GutierrezHealth

Hello Everyone!

Here at Night Hawk Minerals, we have been working with people and their health issues for quite some time now.  After traveling like we do to reach people, we see what modalities work and what doesn’t. I can honestly say that I have not seen one modality our there that is as successful as Radiation Hormesis. That being said, we have always been searching for other complimentary protocols that would be beneficial to our people. We have found in the past that there are a few people out there that we were only able to get to a certain level in their health, and could not achieve a full recovery. After time, we were able to identify the most common factor that stalled a full recovery. What we are talking about is PARASITES.

We were blessed some time ago to have an internationally acclaimed parasitologist visit our center from Nigeria. This man is probably the best parasitologist in the world. He runs his own medical university in Lagos. He has been to the Mineral Palace twice now! He presently uses the stones on his patients in Africa with fantastic results. After learning what he had time to teach us about parasitic activity, we realized that as long as you have something that is damaging the flesh, the candida (yeast) cannot be held in control. This is where most of these degenerative diseases are born.

We have also found out that many of the parasitic cleanses and protocols to identify many of the parasites that are doing the most damage are not strong enough to accomplish the task of elimination or even complete identification. We have many of these stories that are conclusive to what we are seeing.

We have found that using Radiation Hormesis in addition to elimination of parasitic activity, is extremely important to achieve these health goals. Radiation Hormesis has been able to be an extremely effective tool with this parasitic activity, but when we are dealing with a parasite that is resilient, it is time to take the next step.

After you have been acclimated to the stones and Night Hawk protocols, and feel the need to get tested, which I personally feel is important, You can contact your wellness instructor and they can help you get set up with our friends in Africa for a test and also the natural herbal remedies they manufacture. It is a simple process really.

There are many things that can indicate parasitic activity. Your wellness instructor can guide you. We do know much more on this subject and if you want more in depth information, examples, etc., Just let us know.  Remember, once you have the information and can identify the problem, you can control the situation and not be at the mercy of the unknown. God Bless.

Jay Gutierrez

Night Hawk Minerals