Double Green Stone Kit


The Double Green Stone Kit includes 2 Green Stones, Regular Mudpack, Water Stone and Grey Pendant.

The Green Stones and Mudpack are 2 tools that are very helpful in pain relief. The Mud Packs are moldable and can be warmed to help soothe the pain. Drinking the water and promoting better sleep therefore in turn provides more energy and time to heal.

The Green Stone can be used directly on the skin, and because of their low radiation hormesis can be used sometimes for 24hrs at a time. The quartz in the Green Stone when warmed produces small amount of frequenzy that may help with pain relief.

The Double Green Stone Kit is very helpful in helping your whole body have more energy.

(Shape and Sizes will vary with Green Stones)

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The Double Green Stone Kit includes 2 Green Stones, Regular Mudpack, Water Stone and Grey Pendant.

The Double Green Stone is GREAT for many things, such as sharing it with someone in need of calming frequency, or use on yourself for your eyes, ovaries (menstrual cramps), arthritis, carpal tunnel, migraines and heartburn (acid reflux) – to name a few.

Each of the items in this kit are used to slowly introduce the body to Radiation Hormesis, and general overall well-being.

The Mudpack is 3-5mrem/hr measuring 9.5” x 7”.

The Water Stone reads 3-5mrem/hr. Leave in gallon jug for 8-12 hrs before consumption for full effect.

The Regular Grey Pendant is 5mrem/hr measuring 2″x 1.5″x .5″. In the beginning wear for 2-4 hrs.

Read More about Weak Immune System.

It may be helpful in all types of autoimmune diseases.


“I am a retired physician and at age 71. I have reluctantly become an observer of aging skin changes. My wife uncovered a previously unseen benign seborrheic keratosis on the skin hidden in my beard. It was black brown in color and gritty and raised up and oval measuring a little over 3/4 inch in greatest dimension. I chose to use radiation hormesis in the form of ground up fine natural background radiation stone dust that measured 4.4 milliREM/hr on the radiometer. Jay had been using the dust over wrinkle areas and seeing those lines soften and become faint so I thought, why not give it a try?

Here is what I did. Each evening before bed I took a pea-size amount of the dust and rubbed it vigorously onto the lesion. About a month later I noticed that about one-third of the lesion was cracked and wanted to peel off the skin so I did a little debridement with a fingertip. Part of it came off in crusty pieces followed by a little bleeding. I rubbed more dust on it right away, the bleeding stopped quickly and I continued the nightly dust applications.

The lesion broke off the skin episodically in the same fashion and I used the dust as before. By the third month there was no trace of the lesion and that has been gone for two months now. Thank you Jay and Night Hawk Minerals for another amazing way to use radiation hormesis to patiently change an area of aging skin back to health!”

Raphael J. d’Angelo, M.D.
ParaWellness Research

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