Starter Kit


This kit includes 3 items that we have seen help many people see natural healing.
Starter Mud Pack – measure approximately 7.5″ x 5″
Green Stone- half the size of the Regular NHM KIT.
Grey Stone Pendant
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We are introducing a new kit we are calling it a “Starter Kit”. This kit includes 3 items that we have seen help many people see natural healing.


We put these items together because many people need to dip their toe in the water before jumping in, the “Starter Kit”.


This is for those who DO NOT have severe illnesses.

Who want to begin the journey of Radiation Hormesis slowly

Who have mild aches and pain and need natural healing


This is made up of 3 items. A Starter Mud Pack, A Starter Green Stone, and a Grey Stone Pendant. The Starter Mud Pack is a special Mud Pack, its about 7.5″x5″.  The Starter Green Stone we made is small rectangle stone a little less than 50% the size of the Green Stone that comes in the NHM Foundation Kit. We will also include the popular Grey Stone Pendant.

The Starter Kits are not meant to be used on severe cases. The Starter Kits are great for someone who wants to start using the stones for healing and is not dealing with a major illness or immune system problem.  The Mud Packs in the Regular Foundation Kit are large and designed in a way they can cover a large area, for immune systems boost this is perfect because it covers many of your vital organs when placed on your abdomen. The Starter Kit Mud Pack is smaller and will provide some help, it will give you an idea of the healing potential of Natural Healing Radiation Hormesis. The Green Stone is a very special stone it provides a small amount of radiation plus a electrical current when exposed to heat. The Starter Green Stone is smaller than the regular Green Stone and will not be as effective on large areas but can give you an idea of how well it will work on less severe areas of concern. Consider adding stones to the Starter kit to make it fit your needs.