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Below is a small portion of the amazing stories people send about the effects of radiation hormesis has had on them.

If you have a great story send us an E-mail - info@nighthawkminerals.com

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Allergic to the Sun
Bladder Problems and Pain...
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer #2
Breast Lump
Breast Pain and Skin Fungus
Brown Recluse Spider bite
Cervical Dysplasia
Colon Cancer
Cancer (new)
Dizzy Spells
Dupuytren's Contraction #1
Dupuytren's Contraction #2
Fungal Scalp Infection (dandruff)
Horse finds healing

Knee Pain
Lymes Disease
Lymes Disease #2
Macular Degeneration
Macular Degeneration Part 1
Macular Degeneration Part 2
Meniere's Disease
Meniere's Disease, Arthritis, Pain
Pain in Hand
Pain and Success with the Necklace
Pancreatic Cancer
Teeth, and other issues...
Thyroid Issues
Upset Stomach

Teeth and other issues. Top of page

June 21st, 2013
Dear Night Hawk Minerals,

[This is] what the rocks have done for me:

1. From just WEARING a rock, it raised a horrible stench that hung in my room for two weeks. After when I saw my daughter and told her about that experience she told me I'd always carried a bad odor that now that I mentioned it, she hadn't noticed this time when she was around me.

2. When I was at Terra Bella I and others who purchased machines from me did Healthscans on around 60 people. Of all the people, I had the best score of 94.9. Two people scored 92. I think the rocks have something to do with this as I am not generally known to have the greatest health in the world.
My husband loves this!

4. I really don't know WHAT to attribute this to, but I am more flexible than I can remember ever being in my adult life. Rocks?

5. My teeth have been incredibly compromised. Big chunks of "tooth" have literally fallen out three times in the last couple of years. I had too many cavities to even count. About three years ago I had $3K of dental work done for free and needed that much again. I could never finance all of this! I believe the rocks are a part of the reason why my mineralization has improved and many of these spots are slowly healing.

6. A gum abcess was behind one of these tooth chunks falling out. I didn't know it was there until after the tooth shattered. One night I put two of the larger flat rocks on either side of my face in an attempt to create an electrical circuit around my mouth. I knew I should really TIE them onto my face but was too lazy. I thought I would just keep them on until I went to sleep. I woke up in the night while turning. I was shocked to realize that the side of my face that had the abscess was holding onto the rock even though gravity should have pulled it off! I had sweat on the rock and I'm sure that helped but it seemed like a slight electrical current was also maintaining the connection to my skin. The next day that abcess started draining. It drained for about five days then rested two. Week two it did the same thing. Week three, repeat of the same pattern. Each time there was less intensity in volume of discharge and pain. After the third time, it was done. At first chewing on that bad tooth was very miserable as I had like a shelf across part of the top with the heart of the tooth gone. Since then, each week I am more and more comfortable because the tooth is re-gaining its structure back! I still get food stuck in there but I can tell from week to week that the hole is getting smaller.

I think that is all quite incredible for one person to experience over wearing a silly rock and having rocks in their drinking water!




Our Percheron Cross Top of page

August 2012

Shiloh is my my 13 year old Percheron cross.
In the spring of 2011 he presented an ailment that appeared to be the disease Cushing's or Diabetes.  He had grown a coat that was longer than usual and did not shed it out fully in the warm weather.
The coat stayed around his barrel, his chest and some on his flanks.  The hairs became sun-bleached a few shades lighter than normal.  These symptoms are characteristic of the two diseases mentioned.  However, when tested by my vet he came up "normal horse".

Fall rolled into winter, then spring of 2012 and again Shiloh presented the same symptoms.  It appeared that he had some adrenal issue.  I gave him herbs and they seemed to help some but not solve the problem. 

Katie and Gregory mentioned the water stones I felt that they may have some potential.  Shiloh is not completely "cured" of the problem but these are the things that have changed and I feel that he is getting better.

1. He has begun shedding out.  No totally but the shed grows more each week.  His coat is becoming more sleek.
2. He had a gooey substance under his belly in the vicinity of his sheath.  I was told that was common and that he needed to have his sheath cleaned.  In the past the substance associated with the sheath cleaning was more flaky than gooey.  The gooey is gone.  Merlin was starting to present the gooey substance as well.  His is now gone too.
3. Shiloh runs a lot now, before he was content to just walk in the pasture.  When I let him out with Benjamin and Merlin he kicks up his heels and runs around the pasture.
4. He and Benjamin are my driving team.  They both are very alert and have lots more energy.
5. Shiloh also had a cough that came from being stabled elsewhere for 7 years. In December of 2011 I was able to complete the purchase of a home, band and pasture on 3 acres.  Since the stones Shiloh no longer coughs.
6. All three of my boys have very shiny coats now.  Benjamin and Merlin were always shinny but not with the luster they have now.

I am sorry to have taken so long in my response.  But I wanted to give it a full month to see what would happen. Thank you.  Thank you to Katie and Gregory for telling about the stones and their story.


The Cancer has stopped. Top of page



Macular DegenerationTop of page

Just wanted to let you know I am sending you a customer for the eye stone kit and his name is Pat Jackson of Spearman, Tx. I also want to tell you what has happened to my wife.
She had Macular Degeneration for three years before we found out about the eye stones. She started using them eight months after her last check up and that gave her four months of using the stones before the next check up. The Dr. told her they had not gotten any worse from last year. That tells me that in only four months they had removed the negative of eight months. Now it has been another year and she has used the stones for a year and four months and the Dr. told her he didn't know why he was treating her for Macular as she didn't have it. He even ran a Laser Scan and showed us what to look for and told us that the specs he pointed out could someday develop into Macular Degeneration. We didn't tell him what she had been using as he would not see her again. Now she is Macular Free thanks to the Stones.
Paul W.


Lymes DiseaseTop of page

We will never be able to prove that our youngest daughter, Emma, had Lyme
because we would not have her subjected to standard medical torture- er- uh-
treatment for Lyme. She picked deer ticks off of our beagle and a few weeks
later she was feeling sick and tired all the time and had a bull's eye rash
on her thigh. It was as simple as that. She had just turned 17 when we got
started treating it. This was fall of '05.

We got huge results in the form of leopard-like spots that came out of her
and literally covered her body except her hands and feet, from using the
Salt-C protocol. But it was no cure as were several other things that we
tried. We kept the Lyme reasonably under control but she did develop
arthritis in 3 fingers and she had some dyslexic symptoms within a year.

We discovered Radiation Hormesis ala www.nighthawkminerals.com, told about
it by a friend while working on possible breast cancer for my wife. That's a
separate story. By early spring of 2010 we had actually met Jay Gutierrez
and Faye Cox and had come into possession of many more of their products and
were prepared to do battle with Lyme in that manner. We got this started
with her while she was still at college, 325 miles distant, in late March or
early April of 2010.

As it turned out, only the "Kit" was needed to defeat Em's Lyme. She wore
the carnotite pendant 24/7 except for bathing. She drank from a pint to a
quart daily of radon water made with the "water stone". Both of these things
made her nauseous at first. We learned that's because Lyme survives in the
stomach lining. At first she would be nauseous for an hour or so from either
putting on the necklace or drinking the water. That decreased to a few
minutes of nausea. When she would remove the necklace to bathe then put it
back on, she would get a wave of nausea. Eventually drinking the water only
produced a wave of nausea.

She used the "mudpack" to sleep on, either over her stomach or under her
back. At first it produced some nausea too. She used the green stones to
reduce pain in her fingers by sleeping with them taped to her fingers.

Eventually all nausea stopped. By July 2010 all her Lyme symptoms had left
her except some residual weakness in her 3 fingers and a small amount of the
dyslexia. She proudly proclaims that she has not had a "Lyme Day" since.
She's 22 now and finishing college this year and aiming for a Master's next.

To be totally fair and honest, she had continually kept the Lyme under a
reasonable amount of control by using Salt-C and Magnascent iodine and MSM
or DMSO but she and we knew that it was a losing battle so we never stopped
looking for a successful treatment for full remission. That treatment had to
be one that we could afford and would not disrupt her life. Radiation
Hormesis filled the bill all around. I suspect that if the disease had
progressed further then the treatment would have had more harsh effects and
the recuperation would have taken longer.

I have attempted to spread this news around but I have other things on my
plate. To date I personally know of no one else who has done it. The few
I've told have apparently ignored it. Most people freak out over any idea of
radon or radiation. They're not to blame because they have been conditioned
to do so by our scientific and medical establishment.

If you have Lyme and want to consider this but are afraid to jump in, then
first buy the book "Because People Are Dying" and learn the truth,
particularly about how the EPA has known the truth about the GOOD health
effects of radon for many years and have hidden that truth. You'll find that
around page 40 of the book. Honestly, I never even read it any farther.
Right then, when I read that, I put the book down and got to work.

We will never be able to prove that Em does not now have Lyme just like
we'll never be able to prove that she had it to begin with. We did not waste
our money or time with the medical establishment and their inconclusive and
expensive tests. We know what happened and that's all we need to know. Let
him who has ears, hear.

Bob Ansley, aka DaddyBob, Shallotte NC

Menieres Disease, Arthritis, and Pain. April 2011Top of page

Jay, I feel it is time that I write a testimonial in regards to my experience with the stones.

I have had a severe form of osteoarthritis in my hands only for the last 7 years. The arthritis has manifested itself in very red angry joints, fingers that are becoming crooked and pain so severe that I have been awaken from a deep sleep. When I went to the rheumatologist, he asked me which one of my parents had it. That was easy, I said "my mother" whose hands were so deformed. He said that this form of arthritis is always familial. I have been tested so many times to confirm that this is not rheumatoid arthritis and it has always come back osteo.

My close friend told me about the stones. She was using them and so I checked out the web site and called to get more information. I spoke with Jay that first time and I decided to try the stone kit plus I bought a grey stone because he suggested it. After looking at the cost, I thought I must have stones in my head. I made a little handle with wide masking tape that I could slip my affected fingers into and position the green stones over the inflamed joints. I slept with the green stones each night. The first thing I noticed was a tremendous reduction of the pain..now I was able to sleep through the night. Then I noticed a reduction in the redness in the joints. At the same time, another friend told me about a homeopathic remedy for arthritis called Niacinamide taken 4 to 5 times a day in 250mg. capsules ONLY. That helped to straighten my fingers. I called back to Nighthawk and asked them if there was anything else I could do and Faye suggested that I make a sleeve of the mud pack and sleep with it over the stones on my fingers. I ordered another mud pack and that is what I do with tremendous results. The swelling in the joints is actually going down and these were really swollen joints.

Now I travel with my stones and mud packs so here is another testimonial: I was out of town and decided to move an ottoman in the room. I picked it up and it was much heavier than I expected and I dropped it on my right big toe. I literally saw stars and was in incredible pain. My big toe began to swell immediately which amplified the pain. I was sure than I had broken it and would lose my toe nail. I remembered that I had my gray stone with me and so I taped it to the toe, got into bed, elevated that foot on a pillow, and went to sleep as best I could. I awoke the next morning and the pain was gone, just a little soreness remained. My toenail did turn black but did not fall off and just slowly grew out and a normal toenail took it's place. I became a BELIEVER.

This testimonial is amazing. I have been wearing a hearing aid for 5 years. This past year, I was diagnosed with Menuiere's disease which is a hearing loss that fluctuates. It can really drive you "nuts". I was reading through the testimonials about 6-7 weeks ago and read one from a woman that had Menuiere's and had wonderful results with the ear stones. I didn't even know that nighthawk offered ear stones and so I called and spoke
with Jay. He advised me to try the the ear stones and I ordered them. I have been so focused and conscientious about wearing them when I am home and sleeping with them each night. I knew that I was having great results. I had even removed my hearing aid. I went to a specialist in this disease and to his shock and mine, my hearing test was NORMAL. Now that's a testimonial! Of course, I told him about the stones and asked him to check it out for himself.

I want to thank Jay and his amazing, concerned, and knowledgeable staff for always being approachable, accessible and caring.


Maxine S.

Menieres DiseaseTop of page

This email is long overdue and it's time to let you know thankful I am for your products. I may have been one of your earliest customers gifted to receive a pair of ear stones. My sister, Susan Bratus, who lives in Boulder, Colorado attended one of your lectures in 2008 where she first heard about your ear stones. Questions about hearing problems were asked by the audience and the response was all very positive. At the time, my ENT doctor had diagnosed me with Meniere's Disease in my right ear. I had all the tests, tried several prescriptions, researched as much as I could on the Internet, switched to a low sodium diet, yet nothing much helped. My life was a total wreck. I suffered in silence for those who don't understand this hearing disorder.

My sister called me right after your lecture with some hopeful news. She gave me your website, told me to read about the healing modality your of stones, and asked whether I would be open to wearing ear stones. I told her I would certainly give it a try. After speaking with one of your staff members, my sister gifted me with a pair of ear stones which were shipped directly to my home in Michigan. I thought wearing stones in my ears would feel rather strange, but surprisingly I discovered they're not at all. Unlike spongy conventional ear plugs, the ear stones are comfortable to wear and I can actually hear without the horrible distortion. I even forget sometimes I'm wearing them.

At first, I started wearing my ear stones for about 30 minutes each day. Then I worked up to a couple of hours every day for the next 6+ months. This became a gradual process of improvement following the next couple of years after I was diagnosed as my symptoms began to subside over time. I am willing to share my experience with others who may suffer such as I did with distorted hearing, dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and nausea. Thanks to your incredible ear stones, my prognosis for Meniere's Disease has greatly improved. When I mentioned this during my last annual visit to my ENT doctor, he couldn't find a logical explanation.

The latest results from my audio test indicate my hearing is minimally affected which remains to this day. Best of all, dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and nausea are totally gone. The only time I seem to notice I ever had a problem is when I hear certain pitches or when I'm indoors surrounded by a continuous combination of various loud sounds, music, television, voices, laughter, and such. Since I carry my ear stones everywhere I go, I simply put them in my ears and I'm happy to say that I no longer need to escape loud noisy areas.

Thank you for making the ear stones available and especially to my sister, Susan, who gifted me. I feel as though I got my life back.


Nancy G.

Ann Arbor, MI

Dizzy Spells, April 2011Top of page

I wanted to send you an testimony about an expierence that I had and how the gray stone with a level of 22. Just last week I had been feeling dizzy to the point of falling over and not being able to do anything but lay in bed.Now this is very uncommon for me to feel this way I eat an all organic diet and I use your gray stone pendandt . I tried using a couple different herbs to pull myself out of this rut but it wasnt until I remembered that I had the gray stone and started using it that I felt an amazing difference. I slept with the stone all that night and in the morning was able to stand up without falling over.Since then I have kept the stone in my right pocket and have felt AMAZING. I just wanted to let you and all the people at Night Hawk that I would not have been able to have functioned without the 22 gray stone. I live in Laramie,Wyoming and hope to gather enough people to hopefully have Jay come and speak here. Once again thank you and God Bless.


Pain and Success with the Necklace...Top of page

Here are some testimonial for the stone necklace that my wife and I have been using for several weeks now and introduced to friends and my mother.

My wife had hip surgery a year and a half ago. Her opposite hip began bothering her since she favored it and began wearing down the cartlidge. She had to take darvastat to control the pain. I was given a stone necklace and gave it to her to try and within a day her pain completely subsided and she no longer is in need of the darvastat. When she would do yard work her pain would last for days afterwards and now within hours of finishing yard work she is pain free due to the stone necklace.

I have a condition called lipoma which I have 4 growths on by lower back. When they get inflammed they put pressure on my nerves, spine, and hip bones. Since wearing the stone necklace my pain has subsided and more importantly the inflamation went away within hours of wearing the necklace. I also have degenerative arthritis in my knees, I had partial knee replacement in one of the knees, and since wearing the necklace my knees don't ache and my pain is not noticiable.

Some freinds were visiting this weekend who have various pains due to surgery and aging. We let them wear our necklaces for the day and all of their pain was greatly reduced or gone completely. One of the freinds could not sleep through the night due to numerous back surgeries, but when she wore the necklace overnight she slept through the night.

I gave a necklace to my mother who had lung cancer surgery and went through radiation. Her energy was low and was experiencing after effects of the radiation. Within a day of wearing the necklace she physically felt better and had much more energy. She even went to get a pedicure which she had not done due to having no energy. The necklace has done wonders for her as well as myself, my wife, and our freinds.

Thank you, Bob S.

Bladder Problems and Pain...Top of page

Here is an update about what the stones and mudpack have done for me.  I have been using them for about 6 months.
First, I haven't had a bladder infection since I started drinking the water.  And my complexion is much better.
The osteoarthritis in my knees has greatly improved.  Before wearing the necklace, carrying the stones, drinking the water and using the mudpack I was in daily pain.  Every time I moved during my sleep I felt pain in my knees.  That doesn't happen anymore.  Therefore, I am sleeping much better.  I can now do things like walk 6 miles across the rough prairie and actually go down my basement stairs after a day of being on my legs.  Before, it was a rare day that I could bend my right knee 90 degrees.  Now it is a very rare day that I cannot.
My best friend said it best yesterday.  "You don't complain about your knees anymore".  I used to put Capsaicin cream on my knees every night.  I haven't bought any in months.  I'm sure their stock value has dropped.  Ha-ha!
I sleep on the mudpack.  I have 2 ruptured discs that can be very annoying.  They rarely bother me anymore and when my back "goes out", sleeping on the mud pack seems to 'heal' my back quicker.
Thank You!  I am a firm believer.
N. Black

Cervical DysplasiaTop of page

Dear Faye and Jay and Nighthawkminerals,

I was invited to a "stone and mud pack seminar" on May 15,2010.
I was amazed at the information provided.

I purchased my "Kit" that Saturday. I was asked if I had any health issues,
I listed a few and oh, by the way I have cervical dysplasia, which I have been
watching with my Gyn for about 8 years now.
I had even had the LEEP procedure done to no avail, it was still there and even
more so after that.

I took my kit home and that evening slept on my mud pack.

The next morning May 16th I awoke and took my shower.
While in the shower there was something under my foot, it was about 2 - 2 1/2
inches long (whatever it was) I scooted it towards the drain without thinking,
(I live in Tx. thinking it was a bug), then I thought - oh, I should see what it was
but the thought came too late, it was gone down the drain. Then I noticed a

small piece of something in the back of the shower it was about an eighth of an inch
wide and about as long, I picked it up, it was black and had the look and texture of
silicone- still not thinking of what this stuff might be, pitched it also down the drain.
Then when I went to rinse my wash cloth, there were long, slender pieces of this
black stuff on my wash cloth. This had come from my body!
(1 night with the mud pack mind you).
Oh my, I called Faye and Jay and praise the Lord they were still in Seguin, Texas.
I talked with them and purchased my mother a "kit".
The mud packs work great on bruises .. they go away almost immediatly and do not hurt.
There are so many uses for these products.

I had my next 6 month check up with my Gyn in early Sept. and YES... praise the Lord and
Nighthawk Minerals, my pap came back normal.
I recommend these product to everyone. I know of so many people with diabetes, MS, cancer and other ailments.

Praise the Lord
Teresa in Texas

Breast Pain and Skin FungusTop of page

I have been using Night Hawk minerals for about two years now. As a 25 year old nursing mother, I
was having a lot of breast pain during and after nursing. I went to the doctors who did numerous tests
with no answers to the cause of the tender area. I started wearing a green stone in my bra and drinking
the rock infused water and alas…my pain is now tolerable. With this new discovery I began to give my
children small amounts of the rock water as well. My four year old son has dealt with skin fungus (much
like athletes foot) in various regions of his body, and as long as I keep him drinking the water daily, no
outbreaks! Recently, I gave my Night Hawk goods to a friend whose son deals with eczema. She was
seeing such exciting results I let her keep the water rock. However, without the stone, we weren’t
getting our usual doses of the mineral. I began to experience severe pain in my breast once again and
broke out in a rash across my neck and chest. I had Night Hawk ship me a new one right away! I am no
scientist and I don’t understand all the ingredients that make these stones so helpful. But I would like to
challenge you that we don’t know the ingredients in the majority of the food and medications we ingest
either. Most people are very quick to give a child Tylenol, take another allergy pill, or eat a prepackaged
meal for dinner without questioning the side effects or long term reactions. With that being said, what
do you have to lose with trying Night Hawk? I bet the results will pleasantly surprise you, much like they
did me!

Ashley, Colorado


Dupuytren's Contraction #2Top of page

NOTE: This is very exciting, the first time we worked with this issue, we had no idea that it could heal the hand so quickly and efficiently, Kevin, read the first testimonial and decided to give it a shot, and now we have 2 cases that have had the same result, this is very exciting for all those who suffer from or know someone who suffer from Dupuytren's Contraction.

I am a pianist and when I found out I had Dupuytren's I was devastated. I had a suspicion I might get it since several members of my immediately family already had it. I tried all sorts of things to try to handle it, but nothing worked. The total amount spent was $15,000, but alas no results. There is NO known cure in traditional medicine which made me more determined to find an answer. There was a testimonial I found through a google search and it linked to the nighthawkminerals web site. I contact Jay and talked to a person named Terry who was able to reverse it. I told me about the Grey Stone and drinking the radiated water.

I wore the stone 24/7 and made a Velcro strap and attached it to the rock. Within several days there was an odor coming from my hand. Even after washing several times, the odor returned as potent as ever. I continued using the stone in hopes it would work. The nodule starting going down in the first week, and by the second week the nodule was down by sixty percent. Now after only one month it is almost gone.

These stones can handle anything, and my hand is the proof, along with everyone who saw it before and see the difference now. We are all amazed and I have told a lot of people about the website including a stage 4 cancer patient who I believe can find the answer.....

Kevin, Reno Nevada


Dupuytren's Contraction # 1Top of page

A Dupuytren's Contraction is an inherited DNA deficiency. If left alone,
they can cause some or all fingers on a hand to contract into a
claw-like deformity. One or both hands can be affected, as can one or
more fingers.


Definition, By Mayo Clinic staff


Dupuytren's contracture is an uncommon hand deformity in which the
connective tissue under the skin of your palm contracts and toughens
over time.

Knots of tissue form under the skin, eventually forming a thick cord
that can pull one or more of your fingers into a bent position. Once
this occurs, the fingers affected by Dupuytren's contracture bend
normally but they can't be straightened completely, making it difficult
to use your hand. Dupuytren's contracture can complicate everyday
activities such as placing your hands in your pockets, putting on gloves
or shaking hands.

Dupuytren's contracture is rarely painful, though sometimes the bumps of
tissue on your palm can be sensitive to touch. Various treatments are
available for Dupuytren's contracture to slow its progression and
relieve your symptoms.


Several years ago, I had a Dupuytren's Contraction removed the little
finger on my right hand.

The surgery removed the Contraction, but left the finger slightly
deformed. It is fully functional as far as bending goes; but it does not
completely straighten out.

A coupled of years ago, I started to develop another Contraction on the
the palm of my left hand, close to the base of my middle finger. It grew slowly,
getting to be about the size of a quarter around , and as deep in the
middle as four quarters piled up, slowing getting thinner toward its
edges. I could not press the palm of my left hand flat on a table or flat surface. My
doctor said the procedure would be to wait until it grew big enough to
start contracting the middle finger and then surgically removing the

In 2009, I was in Texas over Christmas and New Years. I was in a WalMart
and happened to see a wrist support with a hole for the thumb and index
finger, and an open area for the remaining three fingers. It occurred to
me that I could use the glove to hold a Grey Stone in the palm of my
hand, against the Dupuytren's Contraction.

I bought a set of gloves, and started to use one with a Grey Stone for
four hours a day. I slowly increased the time I was wearing the glove
and Stone. Since late January 2010, I wear them close to 24 hours a day.
I wash the glove every day, or at least every other day.

The Dupuytren's Contraction is now a small fraction of what it was. It
is about half the size of a dime across, and less than half a dime
thick. This reduction has taken about eight or nine weeks of wearing the
glove and Stone full time! I love it. I will keep wearing the glove and
Stone, and see if the contraction goes away altogether.

If the Grey Stone works on a Dupuytren's Contraction, it may well work
on other growths, like warts. I don't get warts; but if I did, I would
try a Grey Stone on it.


10 years of pain gone in 20 minutes Top of page

Just wanted to share with you what I said on the phone today. I was considering doing basal joint surgery on my right thumb that has arthritis in it. As you know I purchased the kit and the extra strong gray [20] stone after talking to you on the phone. It was not suppose to show up until Wed. but today Fed Ex [they are working on giving us rural people the service we need] showed up with my order. I used the elastic [spongy] bandage since I can reuse it and put the gray stone on my right wrist/thumb area. I was totally blown away and so excited to see that within 20 minutes of applying the stone I had almost NO PAIN in that area. I have been suffering with this problem for about 10 years with the last year so painful that I could not even hold a pen to write my name [had to hold it between my point finger and the middle finger then using the thumb to complete the grasp]. I can write my name with minimal to almost no pain. WOW I am soooo excited to see results as this was going to be my last attempt before going ahead with the basal joint surgery which was going to be a three month recovery. I am really excited to see if it helps my fibroid tumors on the forearms disappear so I can wear short sleeves again with out folks asking what those lumps are my arms are!! I am excited to see if it will help some of my other health issues [high iron-hemochromatosis; excessive blood clotting due to Factor V Lieden; other arthritic places and maybe even help my tinninitis-ringing in the ears; sleeping better and having more energy....so much hope for my future health. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. May God richly Bless all that you folks are doing at Night Hawk Minerals.
Gail N.

Allergic to the Sun: Stones were the only help Top of page

Hi this is Clista from Mew Mexico and I have a few thank you's to give in your direction.

My problem started nine years ago 5-5-2000, when on my way home from a river trip with my daughter. I started getting a rash on the inside of my wrists, by the time I got home this rash was everywhere except for my face and where my swimsuit covered.
The next day I went to sit in the sun to make the rash feel better and within moments had my first, what I then believed, asthma attack with my skin burning like fire. This reaction continued even when the rash was gone.
The doctor said,"buy a hat, wear long sleeves" (No Help). I bought a cape and my wonderful sister made me three more. For nine years this was my life. A life with no sun!
My Niece told you of this problem. Your first words were "have her call me, I know what this is."
I called, filled with hope for the first time in nine years! My stones were sent, and so it begins. Wearing the stones, taking baths with stones and Magnesium flakes, and drinking stone charged water.

Oh how very simple and poison free!

The changes in my body have been incredible. There were a lot of toxins that had to be thrown off. You have given me beautiful support through the whole process. Answering my questions all the way.
I have not put a cape on for almost two months. I can drive the 25 miles to town, walk across a parking lot, and play in the garden. No burning and still breathing. What a blessing!
I have found the people at Night Hawk Minerals, and these wonderful stones to be the most amazing healing experience of my life!
I am not yet finished. I am only four months into the whole process. I use the stones for many things, such as headache, backache, restless legs, sinus. I have not needed so much as an aspirin.
I quit smoking three years ago, I do not drink, and I do not do drugs. Being chemical free is another added bonus.
I don't know how I can ever thank you enough for giving me back the precious life God gave me.

May You be Blessed in all your Adventures.

A Friend Always,

Knee Pain Top of page

Hi !

The other day my hubby took a big tumble onto our cement walkway while carrying a heavy load. He was hollering in pain on the ground and I was sure he broke something. He slammed his knee when he fell. It was hard for me to get him to slow down enough to just ice his knee. Later in the day he saw a friend who does reflexology who did some work on his knee and then gave him a big list of natural stuff to get and also he'd have to soak in the tub for a hour and then put some kind of castor oil poultice on his knee. I knew he wasn't going to follow all those instructions, so I said, "Hey, just wrap my mud pack loosely around your knee with an ace bandage when you go to bed." Wow! He says that it gives him instant pain relieve and a soothing feeling to his knee all night and it only really starts hurting just before its time for bed." He's just used it two nights now. I've always loved rocks and minerals but never realized how they love us too!

Steve doesn't go in like he should to see if he needs an adjustment using their diagnostic instrument so occasionally he might start getting another flare up on one of his legs. And let me tell you, his leg will get inflamed from the knee down with 102 fevers. When we had health insurance he'd end up on antibiotics for months. Well, this chiropractic treatment pretty much eliminated that problem but being the active guy that Steve is, he won't see the chiropractor unless he is really suffering. So, on a few occasions, he has had the beginnings of a flare up on his leg (starting about the size of his hand) and he is not one to soak in the tub or lay around with a moist heating pad on his leg. But let me tell you, I can get him to loosely wrap the mud pack on his leg at night. After only one night his leg clears up and if I'm lucky, I may persuade him to use it at least a 2nd or 3rd night for good measure. If it weren't for the mud pack, he'd probably have to use antibiotics -- and all the hazards associated with that.

Peace and love,
Debra in SF Bay Area


Breast Lump Disappears Top of page

Feb. 25 2010
Found a breast lump back in June, 2009, wore the necklace, placed the mud pack on it during the night with tape. Went to the doctor and he immediately ordered a mammogram. Kept up the ritual and by the time of the mammogram, the lump was smaller. Mammogram came back negative for cancer. So they were scratching their heads on that one and ordered an ultrasound of the lump, just to make double sure. Ultrasound showed nothing either. In about two more months the lump was completely gone.


Upset stomach or food poisoning...gone! Top of page

I have a testimonial I would like to share. First of all, I have a very strong stomach so if I get sick to my stomach, I am REALLY sick. About a month ago, a local pizza buffet restaurant was donating their proceeds to the people of Haiti for earthquake relief. I thought it was a good cause so I took my daughter and two grandchildren there. One grandchild is an infant so he didn't’t eat. Anyway, about five hours after we got home, my grand-daughter started throwing up. I placed the mud pack on her tummy and that cleared it up. The next night, I started to get a queasy feeling and stomachache which led to throwing up. I went to bed and my stomach was still churning (probably food poisoning) and I laid on my back and put the mud pack on my stomach. In about 10 minutes the pain was gone as well as the queasiness. I didn’t throw up any more and kept the mudpack on my stomach for the rest of the night. Who would have thought??????


Woman off of thyroid medication Top of page

Hi Jay,
I purchased the stone kit last June and am having great results. Would like to purchase
two necklaces for my daughters who like me have both hypothyroidism and chronic lyme.
After using the stones myself, I no longer need thyroid medication. I am also a
breast cancer survivor with lymph node involvement, so am pleased with the
added reassurance of using the stones! I must admit that I simply feel great!
Please let me know how to purchase the necklaces.
Thanks so much,
L. Hines

Fungal Scalp infection-Gone! Top of page

Hey folks
I have been using the kit for over a year now and I am happy to say that my dandruff (fungal scalp infection) is now gone. I know this isn't very serious like cancer, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get rid of it. None of the medications or shampoos I tried worked. I have not even applied any of the kit to my head... just drinking the water everyday, wearing the pendant, and sleeping on the mudpack. So thank you!!! What a great success!!

All the best,

3 years of headaches Top of page

Hi my name is Maurizio, and I will relate something that happened to my girlfriend.
She had been suffering from frequent headaches for the last three years. Sometimes
after a whole day with a headache she would go to sleep and wake up the next day
with no change whatsoever. After three weeks of drinking irradiated water and using
a green stone on her right foot and a mud pack on her stomach only at night she
started to have intense pain above her right ear. (She had been having problems
with her right ear since she was a teenager after she went swimming and water got into it ).
After two three days with this intense pain in which she herself could not touch it
she felt something was inside her ear and only by tilting her head she was able
to pull out a small piece of dark matter that had a licorice like consistency, and
about one hour later a small cluster of white pin head size mushrooms looking
like matter came out!!! Yes mushrooms ( fungus ) that had almost the same
consistency as flesh!!! And now for about twenty days she has been free of headaches !!!
Now I do not think that was a coincidence but a direct result of drinking the irradiated water
and using the green stone and the mud pack .


Success with the Stones. Top of page

(This post is primarily for readers who are newbies to RH and some of this
will be redundant to old hands at it.)

Although we got into this for my wife...

and BTW everything that the good folks at Nighthawk have said would happen
is happening, including that her left breast has gotten noticeably more firm
in places that we did not feel firmness before, which is the first thing a
tumor does when exposed to this low level ionizing radiation...and the main
part of the tumor feels like it is retracting...

...I have already had numerous benefits which I did not expect at all.

The Mud Pack is just WONDERFUL for healing sore overworked muscles. The
first night I used it on my low back it felt very reminiscent of the Crock
Device, but more intense, like a massage by a hundred tiny fingers. I had
really twisted my right knee last Thursday and along with all the good
things I've learned to take for such as that, the really big result was from
wrapping that mud pack around my knee on Friday night.

The mud pack is the mud made by the cutting of the naturally radioactive
stones with wet masonry saws and wet grinding equipment. They apparently
just save the best mud and seal it inside of a vacuum type food saver bag
and then seal that bag inside of another one.

But the real big kick in the pants is the "water stone" and the radioactive
water it makes. That water will go into places where you only just thought
you were healed before. My first 16 ounces of it made me tingle in many
places but especially all around my sinuses. Within a day I had vertigo
which is an indication to me that sinusitis pathogens were still hidden away
in my sinuses and were being unhappily dislodged.

Further drinking of that water actually made me very tired as a large scale
detox took hold.

The most surprising thing was the reaction by my prostate within 2-3 days
(about 6-8 glasses of water all total). I've already been bragging about how
good my prostate works since I took Lugol's Iodine for my heart and got the
surprising benefit of a much better behaved prostate. This was from the
potassium iodide component of Lugol's. Well after drinking this water,
lemmetellya I only THOUGHT my prostate was in good shape before. The
difference is already amazing, especially at night. No need to go into the
gory details but guys- DO THIS and BE HAPPY. You can order a water stone for
about $55.

BTW, some of this, especially my speed of reaction and healing, may be due
to taking Lipo-C at the same time.

DaddyBob (Bob Ansley)


A woman with nodules on her thyroid finds relief. Top of page

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

Well, I wanted to share with you what it going on with my thyroid.
I had gone to the doctor back in 2005 and they found four nodules on my thyroid and told me to follow up on it.
Well, I finally did this last year and it did not show nodules. The entire thyroid was enlarged and they wanted to burn it out with radiation and then hopefully put me on prescription thyroid for life. It really scared me 1) because I was afraid to go to the hospital with my extreme sensitivity to foods and drugs 2) what real chance did I have of being able to take the thyroid prescription. So, I left the office to think about it.
In the meantime, since around 2004 I have had pain in the front of my neck which was increasing in severity and causes more headaches.
Finally, I decided that the pain had to go. Debbie A. at webdeb.com had told me about a man in Colorado who was doing something strange with radiation hormesis and she was trying it. So I called and ordered the entire kit after reading everything I could on radiation hormesis. I did everything as they recommended and saw in my blood that fungus, which is very hard to kill, was dying and my blood was looking healthier than it had for many years.
However, the pain did not go away so I said, well I have to do something.
Called the doctor and went in with the intention of having my thyroid removed. He said, let me see how much it has grown. Then, to my surprise, said, your thyroid is not swollen. Why did we think it was. I said two sonograms and two ct scans verified it was enlarged.
He said, you muscles in your neck are swollen and it is probably just more of your allergies. I will give you a shot and yes the shot stopped the pain.
So, if you know of anyone who needs this therapy I highly recommend it and am continuing it to get my allergies under control. I can say that with the neck pain under control I feel better than I have for years.
Thanks, Jay for going rock hunting to make jewelry.

Donnia B.
Sand Springs, OK


A Doctor with MS finds pain relief using the Stone Top of page

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

I want to give you some feedback on my experience with the use of the regimen of "the stone". First, some background on me. I am currently 55 years old. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis at age 35-- 20 years ago. At that time I was a professor of anesthesiology. I developed a vertigo, loss of proprioception (ability to tell where my body parts were located in space), visual difficulties, and very low stamina. I had to stop working for two years. I optimized my diet, took reasonable supplements, and practiced yoga to maintain my bodies flexibility. I was able to return to graduate school, and I earned a Ph.D. in behavioral medicine, with a focus on neuroscience and neuropsychology. From my anesthesiology training I was well-versed in pharmacology. My last job was as a professor of advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology at Georgetown University.

From 1995-2000, I was prescribed various forms of beta interferon. This drug produced a side-effect that never went away. It created pain in all of my muscles and joints that was debilitating. I switched from interferon to copaxone. While this drug did not cause the muscular pain, the pain from the interferon treatment never went away. I also continued to have extreme fatigue. The problem with copaxone is that it caused severe injection site reactions-- pain, redness, and swelling, reactions which took weeks to subside.

Even while taking interferon and copaxone, I would have exacerbations of my MS symptoms about every 6 weeks, and I would have to spend about a week sleeping 16 hours per day and wasn't able to maintain my yoga routine or take care of household chores. It would take me about 10 days to start feeling better.

Four months ago stopped taking copaxone, and I began using the combination of the green Eilat stone and the mud pack and the thorium stone in water. I spend at least eight hours per day with the pack against the skin of my lower and upper back. I rub the green stone over aching joints and muscles, which provides me with relief of my pain (a decrease from a 7 on a 1-10 scale to about a 3.) My greatest improvement has been in my stamina and in my coordination of my ocular muscles, and in my proprioception, which I attribute to drinking the water. I drink about a gallon of the water per day. My productivity has increased considerable, since I am able to read longer without fatigue, I can move about with less pain, and my overall energy has improved significantly. I have not had any exacerbations of my symptoms in four months, and overall I am feeling better than I have in years. My mood seems more stable, and it is easier for me to perform my light exercise with low weight dumb bells and a more physically demanding yoga sessions.

I plan to continue on this regimen. In my experience, it provides better disease management than any of the ABC drugs that are currently the mainstay of multiple sclerosis treatment. As a student of pathophysiology, I have thoroughly reviewed the literature on radiation hormesis. It makes sense to me that steady exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation would be beneficial in any condition where stability of the immune system is crucial to disease management. I will continue to keep you updated on my condition. Thank you, Jay, for finding me an answer.


John E., CRNA, MPH,Phd


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (new story) Top of page

I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer on April 3, 2008.  I was incredibly shocked.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I had a good idea it would not be the western protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  After the biopsy, my doctor wanted me to have a MRI of my breast so I did.  In doing the MRI they found another lump. 

I knew a holistic doctor and pharmacist in Kansas City and I called them immediately.  They suggested that I come up to Kansas City and start nutritional IV’s so that is what I did.  I had an I.V. every day that week, started applying Black Salve directly on the tumor and also started an oral nutritional protocol geared for oncology.  I went home with the plan to have the pharmacy overnight the I.V.’s and have them administered at my home town but that did not work out so I had to look for another plan.

I heard about a nutritionist in Colorado, so I contacted him to see if he could help me.  We had a long talk and my husband and I drove to Colorado to see him.  He had healed himself of cancer several years ago so I felt that he would be able to guide me to health also.  He started me on Essiac tea and a fermented soy powder that had a history of successfully treating breast cancer. 

Meanwhile my youngest son and his wife were planning on me coming to help them with a new baby.  I didn’t want to disappoint them and everyone thought it would be good for me so I went.  I was there two weeks and kept applying the black salve and following the oral nutritional oncology protocol.  I arrived home on May 5th.

I had to stop taking the fermented soy powder because of side effects and that was disappointing and discouraging.  For the next two weeks I went back and forth trying to determine what would work best for me and I considered going forward with the typical Western protocol because I felt like I needed something more than what I was currently doing.  But I drug my feet on this because it just didn’t feel right.

On Monday, May 19th Mark (the nutritionist in Colorado) called me and said a lady had just left his office that had had breast cancer but he had not been able to detect cancer in her body.  She told Mark that she had been using healing stones which acted as radiation hormesis and gave Mark the name of the man to contact for more information.  That man’s name was Jay Gutierrez.  Mark called Jay and talked to him a long time finding out about this process.  Then he called me.  I immediately called Jay and he answered the phone.  I told him what I was dealing with and he said “Breast cancer is a piece of cake, can’t you get something harder?”  I laughed and said, “Well, I really didn’t want to!”  We made plans for my husband and I to meet him at his home on Wednesday, May 2lst.  In the meantime I went to his web site and read and researched all I could find about radiation hormesis.

We arrived at Jay’s home and he took us to his rock shop.  He went over everything very carefully and two hours later we left armed with everything I needed to heal my body from breast cancer using radiation hormesis.  It all seemed so easy and I felt very happy and grateful to have found out about this.  Jay was so kind and said to call him anytime.  And I did.  I am ever grateful to both Jay and Mark for their unending support.  Jay never failed to answer my call or call me back and always put my fears to rest.  Mark did the same; I couldn’t have stayed the course without their support.
I might add that I had been eating a raw food diet for almost two years, and this is one reason I was so surprised that I had cancer.  I continued with this way of eating but I believe the radiation hormesis would have healed my body if I had not been eating raw.

I had some tests done in September and they all came back negative.  I am thankful for Jay and the work he has done with radiation hormesis.  Jay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being true to God’s calling for you.  I am one grateful woman.

Janie A.
Scott City, KS


Woman's gets Cancer free, in less than a year (new story) Top of page

Just thought I would let you know how things are going for me at this time. If you recall I came to you in June 2008 and here is my story:

I am a 56 year old woman that had been told in April 2007 by my gynecologist during a routine pap smear exam that there was a lump about 5 mm in size in my rectum that should be checked by my physician. January 10, 2008 I finally had a colonoscopy that showed the lump had increased in size to 8 mm. The biopsy showing adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer. The tumor was 1 cm from top of dentate line which meant I was not considered a candidate for surgery with resection due to the close proximity to the sphincter muscles and the required margin needed to completely remove any possibilities of recurrence. So a permanent colostomy was what the doctors told me is how it would be. It was recommended strong chemotherapy and radiation for 5 to 6 weeks with 6 weeks to heal then the colostomy surgery and after all that there still would be no guarantee that there would be no recurrence of cancer.

My reaction was NO WAY, I did not want chemo or radiation and the permanent colostomy was not something I was willing to accept. I had a PetScan February 28, 2008 the results were not very promising. My husband and I searched the web for anything that would get me back to health. There is a lot out there but you are a guinnea pig and with all cancers time is of the essence. My first alternative was to go to Tijuana, Mexico for 21 days of treatment to build the immune system. I got back to Colorado the 1st of April, and started having acupuncture treatments and taking supplements continuing to support my immune system. On the 21st of May I had my second PetScan. The news was even worse. The size of the tumor had increased to 1.6mm with increased metabolic activity identified (cancer activity) from 4.1 to 9.7 and now the lymph nodes were involved. What was I to do? I went to a Dr. who was a specialist in colon surgery, to get another answer and of course I did not get another answer, just more of a maybe on the colostomy if the chemo and radiation shrunk the tumor so the margin needed was enough for resection and was told I wouldn't know if I would have a colostomy until I came out of surgery.

Mid June I spoke to a friend that my husband and I met while in Mexico, she told me about Nighthawk Minerals, Jay Gutierrez and that the stones were helping people live. What did I have to lose? I called Jay, it was late Saturday afternoon and told him my story, he explained about the stones and he would send them to me on Monday, I said I would come to his house and pick them up on Monday. My husband and I went to Jay's home and out to his rock shop. Jay told us that I would be fine in 4 to 41/2 months-not to worry. He said the tumor would probably have some scar tissue remaining that may show up on my next scan but that would be all.

Two months went by I was worried the stones weren't working so I called Jay in a panic, asking if he was sure the stones were working. Jay calmly replied that yes indeed, the stones were working as long as I was using them as he'd said and that he would email me some testimonials and that I wasn't to worry, I would be fine. I received the testimonials and I did calm down and felt I was truly on the right path.

November 13, 2008, 4 1/2 months later my PetScan showed marked decrease in size of the tumor with no cancer activity and complete resolution of the metastatic presacral lymph node as well. I WAS CANCER FREE.

Jay--Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude-May God Bless you for all your work, to give those who ask, a second chance at life.

Sandra M.
Pueblo, CO

Woman's son gets bitten by a brown recluse spider Top of page

June 9th, 2008

This is our story…

My son and his fiance moved into a duplex last fall. When the weather started to warm up this spring, they noticed spiders moving into their house. They realized that the spiders were brown recluse spiders and that his home was infested with them. One morning he woke up to realize that he had been bitten on his ear with the recluse spider still lying next to his pillow. He immediately went to a clinic near his home and the Doctor told him there was nothing he could do for it and that Tyler would most likely have to have reconstructive surgery on his ear. I had an aunt who was bitten by a recluse spider on her hand when she was a child. I know the severity of a brown recluse bite and did not want that for my son. My fiancé looked on the internet for about 6 hours trying to find something that could help Tyler. We decided to try Pascalite/Bentonite Clay because it said that it was the only known cure for Recluse Spider Bites. I happened to email my very close friend that day to tell her what had happened to Tyler. She told me about the stones you use and how effective they are. More importantly, she was driving to Kansas City that weekend where my son lives. Talk about perfect timing! She met Tyler and gave him the stone to use. Tyler used the stone as directed to him and within just a few days the ear was completely healed. When I say completely healed, I mean no scabbing or scarring. I believe that things happen for a reason. Because you are a friend of my friend and because she just happened to be driving to Kansas City from Colorado that weekend was not simply coincidence. “Thank you” doesn’t seem good enough but I don’t know how else to let you know grateful we are that you were there for us at that moment.

God Bless,



Woman with Lyme Disease finds relief Top of page

January 12, 2008

Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

I am a patient of a Holistic Health Clinic and have been struggling with chronic and late stage Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Disautonomia, Low thyroid, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, numerous cancer surgeries and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Needless to say I have been severely lacking in energy. So severe that I couldn't stand up and walk across the room. If I did anything, I became extremely dizzy and felt as though I was blacking out. My joint pain was so severe that I could not walk and had to use wheelchairs to do my shopping. This is how severe my illnesses were and started back in 2005.

I began seeing J. and L. on October 23, 2007. They immediately recommended the Green Stone, the Stone for my water and the mud pack. So I started with this treatment right away. I will bathe with the Green Stone or rub it on specific painful areas. And I sleep with the mud pack as well as drinking lots of the stone water daily. I experienced only a mild nausea on the first day which J. and L. explained might happen.

Since then I have seen tremendous gains in my energy levels. I no longer have to stay in bed most of the day or nap. I am able to focus my attention better and my short term memory loss has improved too. My pain level is much better. I never have to take pain medication anymore. Even on days when the weather has become cold or wet. I have now stopped using a wheelchair and walking stick.

Unfortunately, since my type of Lyme disease is so difficult to cure I sometimes suffer relapses. My last relapse was about 3 weeks ago and since then I've changed the way I use the Green Stone treatments. I use hot water before rubbing the Green Stone on specific painful areas, i.e. joint pain and lymph node pain.

I think that anyone in my condition could benefit from using this treatment.

Thanks to you, Nighthawk and the Holistic Health Clinic!!


Diane B.

Woman with Breast Cancer refuses Chemo, and uses the stone Top of page

20  August 2007

Dear Jay,
These are just a few lines to bring you up to date on the breast cancer case I told you about last month.  Remember when I was considering using escharotics but feared that it would be too traumatic? As you know, I'm out here in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country where there are many Mennonite and Amish villages. I am writing about the Mennonite lady who took to her bed after an unfortunate fall that dislocated her hip.  As I understand, her doctor refused to do anything for her.  After he advised her earlier this year that she had breast cancer, she refused chemo, radiation, and surgery.  They quarreled over her decision, so he told her that she might as well go home and call hospice. 
 Her family called me the first week in July about a nutritional protocol.  What I walked in on was not a pretty sight.  Her right breast was just a hard movable mass about three inches square.  There were approximately half a dozen oozing sores which she said had been there since February.  Nothing the doctor had given her had helped.  She tried to keep it clean as best she could, but it was always oozing a very smelly discharge. You could pick up this odor when you walked in the front door long before you got to the bedroom.  When I called you about her case, we talked about the connection of fungus to cancer, and decided that a “hot” rock would probably kill the fungus and allow the breast to start healing. You sent the rock out; I got it over to the family around the 29th of July. I advised that the rock be kept on the breast 24/7.  This has not been the easiest family to work with, for they don't always understand the importance of keeping in touch.  Finally, after three weeks of silence, I heard from them on Sunday.  It was the lady herself, calling me, glad to report that not only had the sores gone away “almost overnight,” but that the actual mass was softening and felt as if it might be shrinking.  She said that, after putting on the rock,  the oozing had stopped almost overnight and that every single one of the sores had started scabbing over in about two or three days.  She was delighted to finally see new pink skin where the open sores had been. She said that she did not experience any discomfort. Having seen some success, she is ready to get serious with her nutrition.
You know, I think this case is pretty remarkable, in that this woman is doing little or no supplements, plus she is osteoporotic.  Her body has been very acidic for a long period of time and she has trouble remaining compliant to her nutritional protocol.  Yet the breast is well on the way to healing. It just goes to prove one more time that we are dealing with fungus. The low dose radiation killed the fungus, and the breast started healing.  I am so grateful that you were there to help me with this one. 

Thank you very much.

Man with Pancreatic Cancer uses Radiation Hormesis Top of page

January 12, 2008

Hi Jay,
Admission date to the Hospital Emergency center: 7/20/2007
Hospital Diagnosis: Pancreatic Mass (about 1 inch in diameter)
Acute Renal Failure
Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Depressive Disorder

Brief Summary of Hospital Course/Complications:
71 year-old male with a history of diabetes and HTN, who presents with acute on chronic renal failure, jaundice, weight loss and a pancreatic head mass found on ultrasound.
CT-guided brush biopsies of mass were obtained and pericutaneous biliary drain inserted on 7/20/2007. Brush biopsy cytology was inconclusive. CT scan for staging which showed no pulmonary or hepatic metastases but did show peripancreatic nodes. Percutaneous biliary drain became problematic for patient with pain. Following oncology consult patient and family have agreed to not pursue further treatment of biopsies (because of high risk with a needle biopsy), and focus on home hospice care. We then placed a permanent metal stint to allow for physiologic biliary drainage and removal of external drain prior to patient discharge to home.

Patient has been home and has home hospice services since discharge: 8/1/07

Since September, 2007 Bill has been doing low radiation stones therapy with Jay Gutierrez. He is drinking radiated water (with water stone), has placed (taped ) radiation stones, 1 green and 1 higher radiation, over his pancreas on his stomach. Has worn the stones constantly except when showering.
He also has a radiated mud pack that was originally a lower radiation dose, and now wears a mud pack of more intensity. He also is taking dietary supplements of Limu and Colostrum.

On: 12/18/07 Bill had another ultrasound test. The results showed "something" on the pacreas that was about 1 inch in diameter. There was no change showing at all. Since the diagnosis when we left the hospital was that we could expect him to die within a range of 2 weeks to 6 weeks and to have unbelievable pain (he has not had the first twinge), we tend to think what Jay thinks. The tumor is gone and has left a mark, or scar tissue, and of course it is Jan. 12, 2008 and Bill is still walking around.
This week (1/13/08) our doctor has consulted with a radiologist who will be calling Bill to do another kind of scan in the near future. Dr. T. has also requested 7 fasting blood sugar readings be sent to him, and he then will decide if Bill will go back to an insulin regemin.

Sue M.

Woman with Aspergillosis (fungus) and used the Stones Top of page

Dear Jay,
     Let me preface this letter with the fact that I was the Ultimate "Doubting Thomas"!
     In early 1990, I was at the peak of my game.  I was the assistant to the VP of the worlds largest animal health products, running my own tax preparation company, and composing music.  On June 30, my life came to a screeching halt.  I was struck down with a rare form of spinal meningitis that not only attacked my spine and brain, it attacked my body.  The doctors told me I contracted it from birds. My IQ dropped from 145 to 93.  I began showing signs of chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, sensory loss, memory loss, skin disorders, bladder disorder, COPD, seizures, fibro myalgia, chronic headaches and spine pain, and on and on.  I was given morphine to control pain and many medications to control all my disorders.  I went into severe clinical depression and just couldn't cope with all the major changes in my life.  For many years I have suffered (as stoically as I could) through one health crisis after another.  My doctors tried every way possible to help me.  I even spent 3 years at a rehab hospital desperately trying to overcome my difficulties.  I managed to get out of a wheelchair after a year but I still have trouble falling down and walking into things.  I can't tell you how many well-meaning people would bring me all the latest "cures".  For a while I tried them and became broken-hearted when nothing worked.  I sought out the best specialist in the country.  Absolutely nothing seemed to help me.  I had to accept the fact that I wasn't going to get any better.  So, I just lived life the best way I could without complaining and bearing a lot of terrible pain.
     It has been 17 years of extreme difficulty.  Then a miracle did happen.
     A friend of the family came home on vacation from Singapore and dropped by to visit.  She brought me a stone called "The Stone".  She had gotten this stone from a friend who had several.  Her friend lived here in Phoenix and swore this stone would heal anything.  Well, my "Doubting Thomas" nature kicked on and I set it down on the kitchen table with my myriad of med's.  A few days later, I had one of my infamous headaches, my chest was hurting unbearably, my stomach was in pain and an oxygen tank had fallen on me and broke my left wrist.  Early in the morning, out of sheer desperation, I saw the stone there on the table and began rubbing my wrist.  It took the pain away immediately.  As well as the bruise.  So I rubbed it on my head, neck, chest and stomach.  When I was finished, I was shocked to see my stone had gone from a light clay white to a very dark brown with large areas of round black spots.  I used it for several days on my joints and other painful areas and the outcome was the same------ No pain after use!
I was beyond shocked!
     Today, July 1, 2007, I was watching the concert for Princess Diana when Tom Jones came on a strange pattern was spinning on the screen behind him.  It sent me into a grand mal seizure.  My friend was helping me and she grabbed the stone and began rubbing my head with it.  The seizure actually stopped after a few seconds and I didn't have the awful lethargic stupor afterwards!
There really is no other explanation for all this pain relief and what happened today--except The Stone.
     Now, I will take any oath or swear on anything sacred that this is all true.  My health condition is slowly improving (even though my spelling might be off!) And I want everyone I know to use this stone.  I am getting my pain under control and spending more and more time out of bed ------up and doing things!
     I will give you permission to requisition medical records from any of my doctors if you wish to show just how sick I have been.
     Please realize I am not yet cured, but I'm moving in that direction day by day!  For the first time in 17 years I have had days when I don't feel the horrible pain.
     Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I cannot express how much gratitude I feel for your efforts and for my friend bringing me this miracle!
     If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me.
With my best regards and loving gratitude,
Cindy P.









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