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Eric and Shauna's Testimonial:

Below are the e-mail updates we have received from Eric about his wife Shauna since April 2012, Its pretty encouraging to read the ways she responded to the stones.

If you have a great story send us an e-mail - info@nighthawkminerals.com

On Apr 15, 2012, Eric B. wrote:


Just to give you an update on my wife. On Friday we got a positive report from Shauna's oncologist. The cancer has stopped spreading. The CT shows no new growth in the tumors, and her blood work shows a 50% decrease in the number of cancer cells within her body. The CT doesn't show if the tumors have died or become scar tissue, it simply shows a growth. At this point, this is taken as a positive response to treatment. They plan to continue chemotherapy for another 3 cycles then perform another CT scan in a few months. If we do not see tumor growth, we're going to have to assume the tumors maybe dead cells that have left scar tissue. Personally I think it's the rocks doing their job

Also, she's having no signs of neuropathy, which is loss of feeling in the hands and feet. It is a common side effect of chemotherapy. They expected this to have already occured, but it has yet to appear. We're attributing this to the rocks and the mudpack. She sleeps on the mudpack every night and throughout the day. She tapes the rocks to the area over her liver every night also, and she wears the pendant constantly. It seems it maybe countering the negative effects of the chemo. Everyone else we know on chemo has neuropathy. She's also maintaining her weight, which is a plus. Shauna is really happy and upbeat as this has been a stressful week for her. Thank you all at Nighthawk minerals for your help with this. Also thank you for allowing me to do the layaway plan. It does help. So do call me next week to setup the payments or just give me a good time to call you. Thanks again,

Eric B.

On Apr 29, 2012, at 8:27 PM, Eric B. wrote:

Faye and Jamie,

Our half size mud pack is dry, but still seems to be giving relief to Shauna's liver. He appetite has increased since Thursday when we got the skinner and began putting the small mudpack across her liver.


Eric B.

On May 5, 2012, at 7:51 PM, Eric B.wrote:


We received the 5 ft. mudpack on April 27th and the response has been amazing. She sleeps on the 5 Ft skinner and she uses the small mudpack across her liver while sleeping. By Sunday, my wife's liver pain has subsided and her appetite returned. Typically, cancer of the liver crushes the appetite.
She's also begun to grow hair again even though she's on chemo.
Also, she can now sleep on her side. The cancer had spread to her spine and liver and she had to have a total spinal fusion from her shoulder blades to her pelvis. She could only sleep on her back until this week and she can now lay on her side without pain. She can now also stand erect for more than an hour without pain or discomfort.
The most amazing thing is that we were told she had innumerable small cancer tumors in her liver. As of Friday we were told her liver is functioning normally and that it is producing the proper enzymes which is incredible when measured against what the doctors told us. We also found out that typically chemo doesn't work well for liver cancer, so it's really not anything else but the rocks do their job. We're praising God for this news and thank you all at Night Hawk Minerals for the great work you do.

Eric B.

-- On Sat, 6/2/12, Eric B wrote:

From: Eric B.
Subject: Re: Body Length Mud Pack Positive Response Update Correction
To: "Jamie Goode"
Date: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 12:08 PM


Shauna had blood work and her tumor markers are decreasing. Also, mind you that she's gone two weeks without a chemo treatment. Thanks,

Eric B.

On Sep 10, 2012, at 7:29 AM, Eric B. wrote:

Jamie and Faye,

I have more positive news about Shauna's Status. See Below: Also, I need to buy another pendant, can you send it to me. Thanks

Last Sunday, on September 2nd, Shauna began having sharp pain in her spine and we feared that Shauna's spine was shifting and collapsing again, and it did collapse several months ago. But according to her surgeon, her spine is now healing!!!!! The reason she's feeling pain is due to the metal and bone fusion actually knitting. In April before we got the large mud pack, the steel was actually sliding through her bones like butter. We got the Skinner Mud Pack on April 24th after that last bit of bad news. Now, the surgeon says that the vertebrae in her lower spine had collapsed sometime over the past six months, but they are now healing and hardening. I'm assuming this is the case with her hips too, as she had cancer throughout her pelvis also. During this whole process, Shauna didn't experience any pain other than some stiffness, nor did she need any pain medicine, not even anything over the counter.

Her vertebrae are compressed and look a bit like stacked pancakes verses blocks stacked on top of one another. However, throughout this process the steel remained in place with no problems. What we find amazing is that she felt no real pain over the past six months while this was happening. I'm attributing this to the mud packs. The sharp pain she's having only started on Sunday morning. Currently her spine is stable and she's mobile, but she will have to continue to take it easy while going about her daily activities. Amazing, because the surgeon and his assistants were surprised to even see Shauna; much less to see her walking into their office. They were excited by her progress, but advised her against going off chemo because even though it also damages the bones, its ability to kill the cancer out weights the damage it causes. Another thing that is amazing is that the type of cancer Shauna has in her bones eats away at the bones. So that fact that her spine is healing really is a miracle. Again, I attribute this to the Mud Packs. The three vertebrae that collapsed as the base of her spine healed together and literally formed a support base. It seems that the disintegration has stopped or at the very least has slowed.

Second, is that her cancer cell markers have dropped by 80% since January. Her oncologist says that generally a 20% drop is considered good, but 80% is a five-fold decrease in cancer cells. The doctor finds this highly unusual, but positive. He can't explain the exceptional response. If she continues on this course, he wants to transition her to a chemo pill. The last time Shauna had back pain this bad was last November when one of her lower vertebrae actually broke and began putting pressure on her spinal cord. If her spinal cord had been severed, she would've been paralyzed which was why we were nervous about this episode. Again, thank God for all of you at Nighthawk Minerals. Without all the hard work that you all do, I really don't think Shauna would be here right now.

Eric B.

Date: October 19, 2012 7:57:22 PM MDT

Subject: Shauna's Status


I have some really good news to give you. On Monday, Shauna's CT scan came back with no additional cancer growth. On top of that, the tumors in her liver are actually shrinking. This is incredible news because chemo typically makes liver cancer worse. The tumor shrinkage occurred even though they decreased the amount of chemo given to her by 20%. The oncologist was bracing for an additional cancer spread and was really impressed. So at this point, Shauna has been on chemo for over 10 months and the oncologist now wants to cycle her off of chemo as the stuff it just too toxic to use for very long. They usually give it to people who don't have any other options and aren't expected to make it past 6 months. Your prayers are working.

So far it really looks like the night hawk minerals mud packs and alternative diet have worked the best for her. In June her CT scan showed no tumor shrinkage in her liver. She began her vegan diet/mineral supplements on July 3rd and also decreased her chemo amount around the same time. Furthermore, the oncologist was really impressed that the chemo did not cause neuropathy in her feet, just the loss of feeling in her finger tips. She's also gained weight and is currently 145lbs. We want to keep her weight down so as not to cause any additional bone compression in her spine and hips. The CT scan could not show scarring on the bones which is a sign of healing, but her x-ray and September did confirm that at least her lower lumbar are fusing and hardening to some extent, even while the chemo itself causes bone damage. So she's moving forward at this point. Sorry I've been out of contact, but just glad to be able to pass on some good news.

Very Respectfully,

Eric B.

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