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Available Now!

Availble Now!

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For Directions on how to use the kit
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(Stones may vary in shape and color)

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the kit bigmud Green Stone

The Kit $310
The Kit includes a water stone,
(1 large) green stone, pendant, and a mud pack.
The Kit was designed to promote whole body healing and wellness. Each stone has a purpose for healing specific parts and systems in the body


The Mud Packs $120

The mud packs consist of crushed green stones mixed with the stronger energy Carnotite stones. These mud packs may be placed comfortably on any part of the body that you wish to work with.


The Green Stone $120

The green stone is very special, it not only emits a low dose of radiation, but it also contains pyroelectric quartz. When this stone is heated up slightly it emits a small electrical charge that can have healing and theraputic effects.

The green stone is a mixture of Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Silver, Gold, and Native Copper. We also have these stones cut for use in your mouth and your eyes.


water stone halfpack Eye Stone Kit

The Water Stones $55

The water stones are made from a Carnotite stone, to use this stone you simply let it soak in a gallon of water for at least 8 hours, then drink during the day. The water stone idea is based on a old device from the 1920's, The Revigator.

Note: The water will only remain irradiated for up to 3 hours when removed from stone.


The Half Packs $75

The half mud pack's are the same length but half the width. The measure about 9in.
(The size and color may vary with each mud pack)


The Eye Kit $150
The Eye Kit contains, 1 Half mudpack and a set of eye stones. It has helped people with cataracts, macular degeneration, and various other ailments in and around the eyes. What we have done is cut our powerful green stone into shapes that fit comfortably on the eyes and made a half mud pack that will go over the stones without covering the entire face, making this a relaxing and comfortable expierence.


biggrey bigneck Eye Stones

The Grey Stones
Level I = $75 Level II = $150 Level III = $200

(Unavailable without first contacting Night Hawk Minerals about usage)

The Grey stone is made from a stone known as Carnotite. This stone carries a stronger yet safe amount of radiation. These stones have helped many people with various illnesses.


The Grey Stone Pendant $60

The grey stone pendant is a important part of healing. This provides an easy way for you to get the healing exposure of low-dose radiation on your heart, lungs, and thyroid.

(This necklace is also highly recommended to those who have lung cancer, or breast cancer)


The Eyes Stones $100

The eye stones are made out of the green stones, they are cut so that they may be placed comfortably over your eyes.
We recommend using the eye stones with a half mud pack over them.


O2 Trap mouth stones Ear Stones

Oxygen Trap $50

(Unavailable without first contacting Night Hawk Minerals about usage)

The Oxygen Trap is used inline with your oxygen. The trap has 2 small grey stones that radiate the air going into your lungs. Many people with lung cancer and severe breathing issues have seen results in as little as 2 weeks.


Mouth Stones $100

The Mouth stones can be used for mouth and jaw cancer, and even mouth sores.
For severe cases of cancer we recommend using both the mouth stones and doing inhales with a grey stone.


Ear Stones $100

Ear stones are made out of the Carnotite stone. They have helped many people with a variety of hearing issues. They are placed in the ear canal like an ear plug.


Starter Kit Green Stone Cross  

The Starter Kit- $175.50

Starter Mud Pack
Starter Green Stone


The Green Stone Cross
Price - please call

This is a special item that is not always availble








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